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Hi, I am Kristine and this is my food blog.  Its special cause its all about Paleo food.  Some time ago I discovered that I was gluten intolerant, so I started eliminating foods that caused issues with my body.   248 more words

Leftover Nut Pulp Paleo Brownies

Generally, I don’t bake. It wasn’t always like this; growing up I was always the one whipping up biscuits and cakes for teatime. I LOVED chocolate. 578 more words

Snacks And Treats

Grain free chocolate brownies

I have been looking around for a grain free chocolate brownie recipe. I’m trying very hard to stay grain free, I find I stay almost symptom free this way. 393 more words

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The Best Paleo Brownies

I think not! Well, that is, not until I got a hold of the recipe and made a few changes. Now these brownies most definitely, and very proudly, hold that title. 513 more words

Paleo Macadamia-choc Brownies 

I bought some macadamias the other day and they got me craving brownies- so off I set to create a paleo version that is moist, tasty and satisfying. 374 more words


Sweet Potato and Ginger Paleo Brownies

I have a big sweet tooth. Dinner isn’t complete for me without a dessert or sweet treat of some kind, but I’d really like to find some healthier alternatives. 315 more words

Sweet Treats