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Paleo "Rice"

So forgive the snapshot photo, but I was too hungry to take time to take a picture of the rice by itself. I literally inhaled my dinner last night. 252 more words

Holistic Housewife

Smokey Siracha Burgers


Please excuse the amateur photography.
After pretty grueling leg work out (in our homemade CrossFit gym) I really did not even feel like cooking but I had already set out some ground beef for dinner. 121 more words

Holistic Housewife

Synchronicity and best-laid plans . . .

About a week ago, I decided (or admitted) that I was probably drinking too much coffee, because it has been months since I have been able to sleep for 8 hours in one stretch.  351 more words

Starting Paleo

Some of you may know about my other blog Paleo Pantry; I have decided to bring my Paleo recipes into this blog!

I am often saying something to the effect of “the Paleo that works for me”. 470 more words


30 Day Paleo Challenge

What the fuck is paleo?
The paleo diet is a diet based off of foods your ancestors, basically cavemen, would’ve eaten before things were processed into deliciousness. 435 more words


Three popular diets that surprisingly trigger acne

Diet is crucial to getting and maintaining glowing skin, am I right? Therefore, following a healthy eating plan seems like a sure-fire path to a beautiful complexion! 712 more words


Of Cats, Gardens, and Diets

It’s been a while since I posted anything at all, and what better to jump back in with than a Quadra Cats cartoon? I’ll make a longer post soon and make some proper excuses, but for now, I’ll just dip my toes back in to the Great Blogging Sea. 38 more words