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Sneaky toxins in your diet and why you should cut them

“Going paleo” has been a popular trend of late, but it’s important to remember introducing a paleo diet is not the same as “dieting.”

Instead it is a lifestyle choice you make to treat your body with the kindness and care it deserves. 377 more words

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Is the Paleo Diet Good for Heart Health?

From the Everyday Health website

When you think of ways to fight heart disease, adopting the so-called caveman diet might not immediately jump to mind as a tried-and-true option. 101 more words

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Paleo Diet: Making Your Own Vitamin Water (AngelaVieux)

“We all know that water is good for us and we should be drinking copious amounts of it every day. Well, maybe not copious amounts but enough to flush and hydrate us. 69 more words

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Paleo Korean Beef BBQ

This Korean Beef BBQ is probably one of my favorites. It is juicy, flavorful, and extremely filling. The flavors are strong and come together nicely. It consists of a combination of cabbage and a juicy piece of skirt steak. 666 more words


Paleo vs Keto Diets (Robb Wolf)

“We live in a remarkable time. Anyone with an internet connection or smartphone can access a staggering amount of information in just moments. Although much of the time spent on the internet is devoted to watching cat videos on YouTube (my personal favorite), many people are using this wealth of knowledge to take their health education into their own hands. 39 more words

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Paleo Diet: Ten Paleo Ways To Take Your Coffee To The Next Level

The author states “As a Paleo nutritionist, I am frequently asked if coffee is Paleo. My answer is almost exclusively yes, although there are times when coffee itself can detract from a person’s overall wellness, and thus should be avoided. 65 more words

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Burning Fat as Fuel and Eating Primal (ish).

Ketosis /kɨˈtoʊsɨs/ is a metabolic state where most of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies  in the blood(molecules produced by the liver from stored fat), in contrast to a state of… 1,863 more words