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Cutting Out Carbs & Gluten

New Year, New Health

I sought out this year to activate myself. Part of my goals for the new year are always to be more healthy, but this year, with the support of my husband, we are going at this together. 490 more words

My Whole30 Detox Month - Day 10

I’m a Whole30 experimenter.¬†If you haven’t heard of Whole30, you will, eventually. It’s a paleo regime aimed at detoxing your body and switching over your carb and sugar-burning engine¬†to a fat burning one. 1,074 more words

How I Planned My Diet

Well, first of all it’s more like a lifestyle change and a way of eating than a diet.

Yes, once AGAIN I will be making a switch. 421 more words

Small successes

Hello everyone,

So far this week has had its struggles, but also some successes as well. Last week I checked my weight before I started. I was almost 284 pounds. 154 more words


A tough journey

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted. I have started my Paleo Diet on Sunday and it has been hard to resist my cravings of cheese. No milk, that is fine. 173 more words


What do you mean you want a maths lesson...!!??

Anyone who knows me and I mean really knows me, knows that I love, live and crave knowledge. It doesn’t matter if it’s memorising facts about the Giant Otter of the Amazon or discovering how the Chelation therapy works, memorising the periodic table for fun or reading Leonardo Da Vinchis journals, I just love to learn! 670 more words

Another okay day

Hello everyone,

Today was another okay day. I can say I am taking the Paleo Diet in steps. I have not had any cheese today! I am mastering my craving over it. 248 more words