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Calling All Clean Eaters: Food Startup Delivers Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Meals

It’s only been three weeks since Munchery, the food delivery service, launched in New York, but already the company is serving thousands of meals per day. 556 more words

Diet Update

A quick post to give an update on the effects of the change in diet. I started the reduced carb diet (more or less Paleo/Ketogenic) in the end of January. 263 more words


Your Guide to the Paleo Diet

I’m not a caveman, so why should I eat like one?  The “Paleo Diet” controversy.

“I want to put an effort into eating healthier, but I could never put myself on a diet that outright forbids I consume anything particular I enjoy.” 615 more words

March 18 - That new thing, i.e deadlifts on Wednesdays...

I’m loving Wednesdays now. Well, it’s a love-hate relationship. It used to be a never-ending WOD with only technique first, leaving specific strength component out of the equation… Now, we get strength AND a never-ending WOD. 93 more words


March 17 - My forearms... my legs...

Strength –
Clean & Jerks 8×2 @ 105 lbs

50 calorie rows
40 box jumps
30 power cleans x 75 lbs
20 burpees… 25 more words


March 16 - First HSPU and a stronger back squats

Today I did my first handstand pushups (HSPU). I went 2/3 all the way down, but they were strict. I really killed that WOD, with mostly unbroken toes-to-bar and really short time to complete all my rounds. 47 more words


March 15 - I know I'm way behind with updates, but I'll share all the workouts anyway...

I have been super busy and each time I get my hands on a computer, it’s to do stuff for work. I am going on vacations for 5 days and I feel it will help me get back on track with the posting. 46 more words