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Gluten: Are you confused yet?

I had a wry smile when I was in my local Big W (like a Walmart for those readers overseas).

My Twins always check out the book section, and I noticed t… 93 more words


Productivity 101: The science behind being happy! (Spoiler Alert: Exercise helps!)

Why do you do, what you do?

Take 30 seconds and ponder on this question, thinking both in personal and professional contexts. What do you come up with?

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Productivity: Take back your mornings!

Do you know that your Cortisol (adrenaline) naturally spikes in the morning when you wake up?  It’s your body’s way of shaking off sleep and lethargy to get you moving. 28 more words

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Modern Lifestyle + Adrenal Fatigue!

Dr.Sara Gottfried, Dave Asprey, and Chris Kresser: What do these people all have in common?

Probably heaps of stuff, but for me they are the ones who opened up my eyes to alternative medicine that still fits within a scientific approach.

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Are you spending 70 years inside?

Food, warmth, shelter. We’ve been told that these are the three essential elements for survival. No one is arguing.

But could we have gone too far with the whole ‘shelter’ aspect?

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Your Paleo Food guide!

Paleo can be so confusing! You can eat seeds, but not grains; eat nuts, but only certain types. And fruit? Yes…but at the same time, no! 41 more words

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Flat Belly Feb - What you need to know!


It looks like many of you are ready for a flatter belly in February!

Well done to those who have committed to #flatbellyfeb! We’re sure this help you feel better, to have more energy, and be complimentary to any fitness program you’re currently engaged in. 635 more words

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