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Work-In Yoga: Chair Yoga

Join us as we take yoga to a new place… the workplace!  At Primal Life Organics, we are lucky to have Yogi Heather Baur on our team… and she helps us stay focused and charged with mid-day 15 minute yoga sessions!   31 more words

Paleo Skincare

Life Machines

“the intention here is not to become a war machine or destroy people or your enemies, it’s to become a life-machine; an evolved life being that has a deeper sense of what they’re made of physically and also mentally.” 53 more words

Ancestral Movement

Three Useful and Ancient Lifting Maneuvers

Our ability to lift and carry objects is one of the unique aptitudes that have informed the physiological evolution of Homo Sapiens.

Nowadays we might require use of this movement aptitude in order to get our latest acquisition from Amazon from the floor outside the front door into a position of further examination on the kitchen table, rather than to obtain a useful and weighty rock! 267 more words

Ancestral Movement