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Paleo Pancakes in our 1950's Rental Kitchen

We did it! We successfully made a meal in our new kitchen: Paleo Pancakes! After 9 days in our rental home we bit the bullet and finally made meal. 161 more words


I'm a Believer... In Paleo Pancakes

*continues humming the Smashmouth song from Shrek*

Pancakes, warm, fluffy, and comforting, are a favorite American breakfast option that people typically save for the weekend. But, what if you could have your pancakes on weekdays, too? 450 more words


Paleo Pancakes

I‘ll never forget that heated debate—where blood was almost shed—in Physics Class my senior year of high school.

The class was in an uproar. Intellectual philosophies were flying around the room like gunfire. 386 more words


Plantain Pancakes

Plantain pancakes are a great substitute to traditional pancakes because they are packed with protein rich eggs, and don’t cause blood sugar spikes because they are sugar-free. 263 more words

Coconut pancakes

Okay, finally I also got the coconut flour. Yes, didnt make it myself as yet (althou there was some try weeks or so ago, but i guess i didnt dry the coconut, and i got not-so-tasty mush as a result). 158 more words

Paleo Pancakes

Hi There!
Here is a Paleo pancake recipe for you. The pancakes can be a tad hard to flip but even my messy ‘piles of mush’ tasted great! 159 more words


Red and Blue Coconut Flour Pancakes (Paleo)

Sorry for the hiatus. A storm swept through New Jersey last week and knocked out my power for 6 days! To make matters more “fun,” I was housesitting in the middle of nowhere, so I was by myself in the dark with no means of cooking :( … 264 more words