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Homemade Paleo Mayonnaise Dip (Just in time for Memorial Day!!)

Alright, last recipe for the Paleo Mayo that we made this week.  This is recipe 3 of 3 (for previous recipes, check out here and here). 91 more words


Bacon Fat Balsamic VInaigrette

Lately, I’ve had an extraordinary craving for balsamic vinegar. It might have to do with discovering an amazing store called “evilO.” It’s a lovely shop in Hot Springs, Arkansas that has specialty oils and vinegars. 392 more words


Little Barenana Splits

Last week, Countdown had a special on bananas- .99c per kilo…fair to say I went bananas and bought well more than we were ever going to eat in a week….the quickly ripening bunches have forced me to get all up in a banana brainstorm and say no more here’s our little Friday night treat coming right up… 319 more words

Treats & Party

My favorite paleo bread

Under the years we have tried tons of paleo bread recipes but this is one of those two recipes which we bake regularly.


– 6 egg whites, 102 more words


What is seltzer?

As you may have caught in my quick video on instagram yesterday, I’m officially dropping the ‘K’.

But seriously-why do seltzer, tonic water, flavored water and club soda all have to be sold on the same shelf right next to each other? 306 more words

Clean Eating

7 Primal Movements Workout

Hello and welcome to today’s workout!

I am going to teach you three progressively more challenging variations of the seven primal movements. Actually, I am going to demonstrate six of the seven and allow you to walk, jog, or run at the end of each round, as gait is the seventh primal movement. 233 more words


The Paleo Anzac

Somewhat belatedly after Australia’s Anzac Day I got around to creating some gluten free, paleo friendly Anzac biscuits. The honey makes them quite sweet and quinoa flakes are a superb replacement for oats that retain some of the crunch factor. 152 more words

Gluten Free