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Happy to give February the finger!

Is it just me or does February always suck! I did everything I could to not get the winter blues or cabin fever but

once again February got the better of me. 382 more words

Paleo Chicken Pot Pieleo

I love chicken pot pie but I don’t make it often, particularly since I avoid grains and potatoes.  Today I had a left over roast chicken in the fridge and some left over breadfruit in the freezer and figured I could put them together pretty easily. 212 more words


Day 2 of my Whole30: The Struggle of Dinning Out

Today completes Day 2 of my first Whole30. It’s strange when you know that you can’t have sugar, and grains, how you start craving them. Today was a little difficult because it was my mothers birthday and we went out to lunch, and dinner. 370 more words


When safe is no longer safe

Well, this blog is about honesty right? So first of all, today I started my new job!!!! YAYAY so much better than my old one. There are people there my age and the supervisors are very involved. 383 more words


Dinner in Happy Valley

A delicious dinner following a spectacular visit to Penn State!

It was good to know that the pork was local and the greens were organic. I’ll admit, I was ravenous tonight and ate the entire thing.


Vegetarian Whole30

I’m giving Whole30 a try. And I’m doing it as a vegetarian. We are going on vacation in 14 days, so I am going to do a “trial” in that amount of time and then decide if I need to make any changes before taking on the full challenge. 510 more words


Lemon Chicken, Chinese takeout style

I gotta say, I love places like Panda Expre$$.  I never *go* to them because the processed stuff and msg make my stomach hurt, but it is a secret craving of mine.   528 more words