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Scientists finally know who crafted 'Piltdown Man', one of the world's most notorious scientific forgeries

When Piltdown Man was unveiled before a meeting of London geologists in 1912, he was heralded as paleoanthropology’s “missing link,” the long-sought transitional form between modern humans and our great ape ancestor. 1,287 more words


New study suggests first humans didn't come to North America via Western Canada

A commonly held belief about the route taken by the first humans to arrive in North America may be turned on its ear after an international study released this week. 475 more words

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Ellis Locke—Buluk, Kenya #4: Out of the field and into the lab

Six weeks seem to have flown by, and suddenly I’ve left camp and returned to the lab. If the days in the field felt long, they pale in comparison to the long hours Ellen and I have been putting into the lab here at the Turakana Basin Institute (TBI). 386 more words

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The Big Fight Over Fossils

Big Fight Over Fossils
http://www.NewYorker.com/magazine/2016/06/27/lee-berger-digs-for-bones-and-glory #Paleoanthropology issues: open v closed data, scholarship v showmanship. Genomics parallels


Footprints, Sculptures, & Hobbit Ancestors: A Paleoanthropology Best of Summer Roundup

Summer is coming to a close, giving us a great excuse to reflect on the incredible announcements that have been recently made in paleoanthropology. From footprints to new fossils, these discoveries have definitely altered the ways I think about many hominin species, so I’m counting down my favorites. 910 more words


Man Did Not Come From Africa - Debunking the OOA Theory

by Alex Drone

Erectus Walks Amongst Us, by Richard Fuerle, challenges the political correctness and mainstream assumptions about race, genetics, and the origin of modern Man. 3,599 more words

Rewriting History

In two papers published in the South African Journal of Science, researchers say they’ve found the oldest definitive evidence of malignancy in a hominid.

The first… 190 more words