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The team behind Ötzi the Iceman reconstructed his vocal cords using a series of CT scans. They announced the project back in February. After recontrustrion of the length of the larynx, they then  101 more words


September 23 Link Roundup

Turns out the Great Pacific Garbage Patch isn’t what we thought, but it’s hard for people to conceptualize environmental devastation without concrete objects on which to focus. 404 more words


How did we get here? DNA shows single migration from Africa 50,000 to 80,000 years ago populated world

Modern humans evolved in Africa roughly 200,000 years ago. But how did our species go on to populate the rest of the globe?

The question, one of the biggest in studies of human evolution, has intrigued scientists for decades. 1,062 more words


Did Lucy Fall From A Tree And Die?

Four decades after the discovery of Lucy, her remains are quite possibly the most famous discovery in paleoanthropology and one of the more important. The impact of finding a nearly entire skeleton from a 3.2 million year old hominid revealed a lot about human evolution. 395 more words


Blood flow

The fossil record offers several possible approaches to study the evolution of the human brain. Besides cerebral size and shape, we can make inferences about cognitive functions and metabolic processes. 234 more words


An Elaborate Story: Why Lucy's Death Matters to Us

“LUCY WAS PUSHED!” someone shouted at me through the fibers of the internet. I had just shared the new Lucy study on Twitter, which I’m sure many of you have seen by now: the idea that Lucy–the famous… 1,097 more words


Neanderthals and Giant's Bones

A Strange Skeleton

The bones revealed a human of “extraordinary form,” he concluded. It was January 1857, and Hermann Schaaffhausen had just viewed a fossilized skeleton that was unlike anything he had ever seen. 755 more words