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Traditional Neanderthal Gourmet

You all know the Neanderthal; cave-man that has a tendency to hit the woman he wants over the head and drag her by the ponytail to his cave. 372 more words


Ancient Echoes: Hands and Palmistry 

Palmistry/chiromancy, divination by hands, is one of the most popular divination methods. With over 17,000 Facebook likers and tens of thousands of practitioners across the world, palmistry is not just practical but popular. 1,532 more words


Lisa's Weekly Thoughts and Favs 3

Being raised as a Romany Gypsy fortune teller, I always had a fascination with the occult and, in particular, divination. Well before my mid teens my group considered me a serious devotee with many years experience in Tarot, Dream interpretation, crystal ball readings among other things. 904 more words


Additional Pieces of Neandertal 1: History Aiding Science

I used to study anthropology, I spent time memorizing details of human bones, pouring over primate anatomy, and trying to understand the fragmentary hominin fossil record, Now, I study history, I focus more on the stories of those fragmentary fossil discoveries, and the ways scientists studied those fossils that led to the knowledge of human evolution today. 1,265 more words

History Of Science

The First to Name a New Hominin Species: Remembering William King

Neanderthals are arguably the most well known hominin species (other than our own) that have ever existed. Thanks to their European inhabitance and widespread burial practices, paleoanthropologists have tons of Neanderthal individuals to study and make sense of. 881 more words

History Of Science

Rickety Cossacks and an Fi50 Reminder...


Before we get into the meat (and bones) of today’s book, allow me to remind you that Fiction in 50 will be kicking off for June on Monday. 1,043 more words