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This And That

Some of the books I’ve been reading over the last two months.

Rabbits. This is not a fantasy novel. This a book about rabbits who have to leave their home and they journey they take to find a new one. 265 more words

Summer Roundup: The Most Exciting News in Paleoanthropology!

It’s that time again. Fall is starting, the weather is getting cooler (though not here in Arizona), and many of us are looking toward the next academic year. 441 more words


Fossils vs Marine Biology: Which History of Science is More Fun

I study the history of science. Normally, I focus on the history of a science called paleoanthropology, or the fossils of human ancestors, but this summer, I mixed it up and studied the history of a different science. 991 more words

History Of Science

Lucy in the sky...and on Nature Knowledge Project

I am pleased to share that a peer-reviewed article I wrote for the Nature Education Knowledge Project about the fossil human ancestor, Lucy, has been… 112 more words

Teaching/Learning Resources


A new reconstruction of the Neandertal skull and endocast of Amud has been published by a team coordinated by Naomichi Ogihara, at the Keio University (Yokohama). 99 more words


Traditional Neanderthal Gourmet

You all know the Neanderthal; cave-man that has a tendency to hit the woman he wants over the head and drag her by the ponytail to his cave. 372 more words


Ancient Echoes: Hands and Palmistry 

Palmistry/chiromancy, divination by hands, is one of the most popular divination methods. With over 17,000 Facebook likers and tens of thousands of practitioners across the world, palmistry is not just practical but popular. 1,620 more words