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Little Foot, the 3.6-Million-Year-Old Human Ancestor Unveiled to Public

Two days ago, Little Foot, Stw 573, the near-complete Australopithecine skeleton dating back 3.67 million years was ¬†unveiled at the Hominin Vault at the… 156 more words


Colin Groves (1942-2017)

Emeritus Professor Colin Groves was an internationally-recognized and respected taxonomist in Mammalogy and Primatology. After completing his PhD dissertation at University College London in 1966 on… 92 more words


Australopithecus africanus

Amélie Beaudet and coauthors have published a shape analysis of the endocranial surface of two specimens included in the hypodigm of Australopithecus africanus, namely Sts 5 and Sts 60. 211 more words

Brain Morphology

Humans didn't outsmart the Neanderthals. We just outlasted them

By the standards of the Paleolithic age, members of Homo neanderthalensis were the height of sophistication. These ancient hominins ranged across Europe and parts of Asia for more than 300,000 years, producing tools, jewelry and impressive cave creations. 1,000 more words


Adam Rutherford's A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived

If you have been following this blog along with others, like GNXP, you can tell that the field of ancient DNA and population genetics is chaotic. 561 more words

Physical Anthropology

Neanderthal Introgression Gave Us Back Even More Ancient DNA

Tony Capra of Vanderbilt University in Nashville hypothesized last week at the annual meeting of The American Society of Human Genetics that genes we have considered to variant of Neanderthals and inherited to modern humans outside of Africa are not particularly Neanderthal genes, but rather, represent ancestral humans. 349 more words