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The Story of Life in 25 Fossils: Review of New Book by Donald R. Prothero

This fall has brought another book by famed Paleontologist Donald Prothero entitled, The Story of Life in 25 Fossils: Tales of Intrepid Fossil Hunters and the Wonders of Evolution… 1,495 more words


3D Printing Homo naledi

Before discussing the 3D printing of Homo naledi here at Virtebra @ UWF,  I should first introduce myself. My name is Maddeline Voas, and I am a Biological Anthropology graduate research assistant in the Anthropology department here at the University of West Florida. 257 more words

Homo Naledi

A new human species

Berger et al., 2015 recently reported a new species called Homo naledi, found at the Dinaledi Chamber in the Rising Star cave system in South Africa. 235 more words


John Hawks talks Homo naledi

On the day in which autumn reared its ugly head, the anthropologist John Hawks came to Cambridge to talk about one of the biggest science stories of the year. 651 more words

Discovery of Homo naledi demonstrates need to revise the Homo genus

2015 has been a very exciting year for Paleoanthropology. No doubt the pinnacle was the discovery of a brand-new hominin species Homo naledi, a bombastic revelation met with great and appropriate fanfare in the popular press. 1,013 more words


Welcome Homo naledi, a new and intriguing member of our genus

Our genus just got a lot more interesting…

This is Homo naledi, a fascinating composite of hominin traits. Unfortunately, there is no date associated with the find, which would do a lot to explain how these specimens fit into the evolution of early… 51 more words

Homo naledi Fossil: A New Limb to Human Family Tree

Working in a cave complex deep beneath South Africa’s Malmani dolomites, an international team of scientists has brought to light an unprecedented trove of hominin fossils — more than 1,500 well-preserved bones and teeth — representing the largest, most complete set of such remains found to date in Africa. 971 more words