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Ralph Holloway and colleagues have just published a paleoneurological study of Homo naledi. They used seven cranial portions from at least five individuals to provide a general view of an endocast of this species. 491 more words


Growing 'Mini-Brains' With Neanderthal DNA

Svante Pääbo, director of the genetics department at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany wants to grow brain organoids from human stem cells… 713 more words


Did Neanderthals Really Disappear?

“If you were to compare two random modern human chromosomes, you’d see a difference every thousand base pairs… Neanderthals, you’d see a difference once every 750 base pairs.” … 1,102 more words

Neanderthal brains

After their chapter on the book Digital Endocasts, Kochiyama and colleagues have published this week a comprehensive reconstruction of a Neanderthal brain. An outstanding example of quantitative paleoneurology, indeed! 194 more words

Brain Morphology

Pulling faces

Two different papers have been published this month on the evolution of the supraorbital anatomy in humans. The first article is on Neanderthal facial morphology… 45 more words


Al Wusta Phalanxes Document Humans Travel East of Africa Earlier

Earlier this year we learned about the Misliya maxilla which pushed our understanding of out of Africa by 50,000 years. Last week, the discovery of a 87,000-year-old human intermediate phalanx (Al Wusta-1 (AW-1)) from the Nefud desert in Saudi Arabia was… 280 more words


Oldest Human DNA from Africa Clues Us On Ancient Moroccan Heritage

In 2015 the first African ancient genome of 4,500-year-old human remains found in Ethiopia were published. Now more ancient Africa DNA has been found and published.  427 more words