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Denisovans & Modern Humans Introgressed At Least Twice

Sharon Browning and colleagues published a paper in Cell last week that shows there are uniquely different Denisovan genomes in the DNA of East Asian individuals, indicating that interbreeding with… 288 more words


Australopithecus africanus Had Similar Dental Issues As Us

Ian Towle of John Moores University and colleagues published an interesting paper in the International Journal of Paleopathology that illuminates early hominins had similar dental issues as we do now. 122 more words


Conversations with Melinda Yang: Asia, evolution, and modern man

Until recently, the evolution of early modern humans in Asia has received less popular attention than their African and European counter parts. The trend is beginning to change, particularly with the blossoming of scientific research in China. 3,670 more words


Modern human brain shape

In a very comprehensive (and elegant!) article Simon Neubauer and colleagues have now analyzed brain shape variation along the modern human lineage. Since the description of the… 282 more words

Brain Morphology

Bones of Contention: A Discussion of Biological Anthropology Blogs

When I first started researching biological anthropology blogs, I did what any university student would do: I turned to Google. One of the first search results was a nifty 2012… 857 more words


As mentioned yesterday, Jebel Irhoud documents an early African Homo sapiens. The specimen represents mixture of archaic and modern features, such as an elongated braincase compared to the face and teeth, respectively. 186 more words