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Welcome to the Live Primally blog

Welcome to the Live Primally blog.  Over the coming weeks, months and years we will post diet, exercise, lifestyle, and general interest primal aligned tips and advice to help you live a primal existence of our hunter-gatherer ancestors in 21st century U.K.


A Revolution in Healthy Eating

Want to know how healthy a food is? Forget counting calories. Forget grams of fat, cholesterol, carbs, calcium, iron, fibre, polyunsaturates; forget folate, magnesium, zinc, antioxidants and omega-3s. 302 more words

Paleo Lifestyle

A Tale of Bubble Tea and Funky starches

Is Bubble Tea a drink, a food, or a dessert?  Invented in Taichung, on the west central coast (where my father lives now), this wildly popular tea is a blend of tea, milk, sugar, and ‘bubbles’–little squishy sweet globes of manioc starch. 153 more words

SE Asian Culture

Thousand year eggs

We and our primate ancestors adore eggs. In our earlier tree-dwelling phase, eggs snatched from nests were a high-protein food that could be enjoyed by infants and adults alike. 284 more words

Paleodiet vs. Neodiet

Have you experimented with a Paleodiet before? I’ve actually lived with hunter-gatherers and eaten a real paleodiet, complete with fibrous roots, all kinds of fruits, beans, and nuts; and wild creatures like anteaters, storks, crocodiles, electric eels, armadillos, and of course, nice juicy larvae! 265 more words

Tumeric & Apple Spice Cake

I have been learning a lot about chronic diseases and inflammation in my studies recently and I find it devastating how many people go through life suffering from conditions that could be more holistically treated with the right advice. 614 more words


The Faileo Diet


There’s only been one diet that has truly worked for me and that is the faileo diet. What is the faileo diet, you ask? 427 more words