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No more seafood? Why paleo is not feasible in a polluted world

So for a while I was a semi-proponent of the paleo diet. However, as I looked more into it, issues started emerging. One big issue for me is that animal foods in today’s world are polluted. 350 more words

Paleo / Elimination: Week 3-7 UPDATE

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to not eat ANY SUGAR, DAIRY, GLUTEN, GRAINS, LEGUMES, PROCESSED FOODS, OR ALCOHOL FOR 7 WEEKS?!? Well, let me enlighten you.  1,235 more words


"Why Chicken Breast?"

This is the most asked question that i’ve been receiving so far. But, if you visit my page often then you will understand why they asked that question. 157 more words


Chinese Almond Chicken

Yeppp , featured today will be this beautiful “Chinese Almond Chicken” that i recently post on my instagram.

Special today, i will be posting 2 article bcs i couldn’t upload one last Saturday. 207 more words


Transform Yourself with Paleo - Beautiful Arms

Would you like to transform something about yourself? On the right food you’ll be more energised and more motivated … more physically able to achieve it.  112 more words

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Refined sugar-free homemade ketchup

The recipe that I present today has been created by accident, like most of my recipes. I decided this year to plant in my backyard a variety of tomatoes that are not found in supermarkets where I leave. 500 more words


Hey, It's saturday!

Every Saturday will be the time i post my new recipe as i don’t cook today.

So, today i will share the marinade of my guilt free cumin chicken . 116 more words