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5 New Year Foraging Plants You Need to Know

I grew up in a community were foraging was considered normal. Descended from 1,500 years of a nomadic lifestyle Food for Free was not just some folksy fad, it kept us alive but knowledge is so easily lost. 370 more words


The struggle is real! 

So a lot of people told me that this “diet” or lifestyle would be expensive and I thought to myself, how bad could it really be? 354 more words


The question is not 'why is healthy food so expensive?' The question is 'why is unhealthy food so cheap?'

Recently I travelled to stay with my boyfriend for a night, this being the first night away from my precious pantry since adopting the paleo lifestyle. 279 more words


Recipes of the week! 

Breakfast ideas:

Cocoa banana power smoothie

1) 1 organic banana

2) 1/2 cup of room temperature coffee

3) 1/2 cup of almond milk

4) 1 table spoon of cocoa powder… 584 more words


Larder list

The key to starting and maintaining a Paleo lifestyle is in the preparation. Before you embark on your change, ensure you have researched recipes you want to try and written a meal plan. 234 more words


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Hours into day one I realised this was going to be even harder than I had imagined. The list of foods you are restricted to when following a Paleo lifestyle is daunting and left me wondering whether it was even worth it. 299 more words