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10 Paleo Tips & Tricks For Beginners

I grew up in a big family – every grandparent, aunt, uncle and cousin came to every event, and every event was an excuse to eat. 1,447 more words


Day 14: Progress Pics

Whole30 Diary:

I’ve been eating a lot more than I did prior to the whole30 challenge. However, what I’m eating is healthier and better for me. 98 more words


Marinated salmon of my London girlfriend

This recipe was inspired by a dinner at a London friend. I love fish and I eat it regularly, but salmon has never been among my favorites. 275 more words


Food for thought - Paleo Diet

If you’re familiar with the term “hunter-gatherer”, then you might be familiar with the eating habits of our ancestors, the Palaeolithic humans. The Palaeolithic way of eating has now become the influence for another health craze sweeping many a nation, the Paleo diet. 1,455 more words


Sri Lankan treat: potato cakes

Here is a recipe from my Ayurvedic doctor in Sri Lanka. Served with a beautiful salad, it is perfect for a quick and light dinner. Those who love savory breakfast can enjoy the leftovers the next morning. 172 more words


Health Stars Still Misleading Consumers

The Australian government has relaunched the Health Star Rating (HSR) system – hoping to convince us to make healthier food choices. ‘The more stars – the healthier the food’, they say. 923 more words

Dairy Intolerance