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Paleolithic rock art

This Summer I went back to Portugal and this time I got to see the engravings at Foz Côa.

This is by far the oldest human creation I’ve sever seen, and it’s amazing to wonder at something that was done over 12,000 years by early humans. 229 more words

Bideford Black

I was with a group of artists working with the 15 Hundred Lives collective at Creative Bubble today. We have the artspace for a couple of days every month to work together and to let the public come in and see how art is created. 159 more words


Paleolithic Cave Art in Indonesia and Spain.

Earlier this month an article was published in Nature revealing some new evidence of Paleolithic cave art. The most famous and probably well known cave art is the Lascaux Caves in France with depictions of large animals spanning the cave walls. 662 more words


Fiendish Foreshortening (Female Nude)

Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop and here’s a drawing in progress. The pose was about 45 minutes. I used my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8 using the free Markers app,saving regularly to keep a record of the development of the drawing. 62 more words


Prehistoric Art: The Upper Paleolithic Revolution


The Upper Paleolithic or Late Stone Age begins and ends with a revolution. The first one is what can be considered the ‘official’  226 more words


Little Leftover

Today I packed up an edition of fourteen little lino prints to send to Boise, Idaho, USA to the lovely Wingtip Press for this year’s… 92 more words