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Óscar Picazo Compiled a List of Scientific Articles on the Paleolithic Diet

Click the link below to see the articles, which are in English. Óscar’s introduction:

“Hace ya más de un año, compartí aquí la lista actualizada de estudios hasta la fecha, en relación a la paleodieta, dieta evolutiva, o como se le quiera llamar.El último año ha sido bastante activo en este sentido, con varios trabajos publicados, varios ensayos clínicos, y un meta-análisis.A continuación la lista actualizada. 32 more words

Paleo Diet

Paleolithic and Mediterranean Diets Linked to Lower Incidence of Colon Polyps

Adenomas in the colon (aka colon polyps) are precursors to colon cancer. Experts think that if we can prevent the onset of colon polyps, we’ll see less colon cancer. 110 more words

Paleolithic Diet

Kitchen Basics - Beef or Chicken Stock

One of the most important things I learned in culinary school was the difference in the quality of my cooking when I made my own stock rather than buying cartons of it at the grocery store. 879 more words

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Whole30 | Day 2: Cranky as Fuuuuhhh

Oh, hello.

Now, before you jump to conclusions, I wouldn’t blame my crankiness on Whole30. As I said, I’ve been prepping for this for a couple weeks, so it’s not the normal Day 2 thang. 732 more words


10:45 a.m.: Day 1

Woke up without the alarm clock at 6:40.

I’m trying a new thing where I don’t care so much about being punctual and living according to imposed time lines. 253 more words

It's all happening...starting later.

Whole30 journey begins tomorrow.

If you don’t know what that is, and you’re super curious, go here: http://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules/

If you’re going to do it, here’s a timeline of what to expect: … 223 more words

Whole30 - March 1, 2016

I’m not much for diets.

My general idea about food is that you should eat when you’re hungry and mostly eat real, healthy things. Having struggled with food and body image at various times in my life (AS WE ALL HAVE), I know that food restriction quickly cascades into shame and shame leads to guilt and self loathing, and the next thing you know, you’re in some ugly, unstoppable binge. 608 more words