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On the First Date, True Love

Here I am. Reading. Sipping tea named “comfort”. Finally, taking on this book that has taken up dusty residence on my nightstand for over a year. 702 more words


Getting It Done 316/365

Started my day off at OTF, third day in a row and I wasn’t completely gassed. Maybe I’m starting to get stronger. This was a weird workout as it was a signature workout called Go Row yeah not exactly my favorite. 178 more words


Long Day But Good 278/365

The alarm went off way to early for a Saturday morning in which I didn’t have a Roc Solid build. But, when the alarm sounded out of bed I got and headed over to Orange Theory for a workout. 709 more words


OMG I’m Stoked 275/365

This day has been one for the books. I’m sure after reading this you’ll think I’m crazy for being so excited about these things, but hey it doesn’t take much to make me happy and I get to choose what makes me happy and the things that happened today do. 434 more words


Meal Planning 274/365

So I’m going to say it meal planning is key to eating healthy. I planned out all of my meals for this week, last week, made the shopping list, and bought all my supplies this weekend and have been staying on track all week. 324 more words


This Came Out Amazing 272/365

I made a meal plan for the week, made the shopping list, and went to the store and got what I needed.

I hit the grocery store after my third day in a row at Orange Theory which I can say kicked my butt. 155 more words


Butternut Squash Pizza Bake Paleo/ Gluten Free/ DairyFree

This is one of those weeks that we all have from time to time where you are not sure if you even have time to pull your own hair out. 332 more words

Gluten Free