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Maple Chili Pork Chops (Or Sweet, Sweet Meaty Sin!)

I made things. Meaty things. With maple syrup.

It was such sweet, sweet sin.


I live for spicy, and while the recipe for maple chili pork chops didn’t push my spicy envelope, it had a nice kick. 212 more words


Cookie Dough Protein Balls from PaleOMG (Or OMG, Balls for Breakfast!)

Guys, guess what? It’s Ash Wednesday! (Or the day everyone in LA tells me I have stuff on my face.)


It might seem strange that I get excited to let something go for Lent, but I love this time of year. 304 more words

Paleo Friendly

Mango mini tarts

There is something irrestible about these mango mini tarts! Perhaps it’s

the harmony between the mango and the coconut . This simple but elegant mini… 161 more words


Almond flour cupcakes

These gluten free and paleo almond flour cupcakes are sure to please all of us.

Instead of the usual flour in your cupcakes, try these almond flour ones for a totally… 258 more words


Acorn squash egg in the hole

Breakfast will never be the same again! This appetizing acorn squash egg in the hole is

an excellent idea. The centre of the acorn contains the egg while it bakes to perfection in… 218 more words


Workout Wednesday + Bone Broth Success

Hump day hump day make me wanna jump day. Woo! What better way to celebrate the middle of the week than with some yummy eats. If you tuned in yesterday, you read all about my first experience with bone broth. 231 more words

Bacon Chicken Rice Bowl

I needed to share this.  I stole this directly from PaleOMG and I needed to share this with all of you because it has EASILY become a staple in my life. 55 more words