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Blogger Recipe Series: {G.I Jane) Jane Kilian Shaw's No- Bake Chocolate Chip Cream Bars

Jane is one of the most bad-ass chicks that I know, and there is no doubt as to why she is called GI Jane. With her Honours in Exercise Science she is no average trainer and is dedicated to helping women live a healthier and fitter life. 463 more words

Cool Stuff

HIIT MAX begins

Hello there, Friend.

Today is an exciting day for me! Yes, yes it is. I happened to notice that HIIT MAX with Michael Morelli was 75% off! 577 more words


Food Prep Wednesday

Normally I try and get this done over the weekend, but I had a couple hours this morning to get some things done so here it is: butternut squash, brussel sprouts, spinach eggs, and chia pudding. 321 more words


5 Simple Reasons Why Paleo Works

If you search online about why (or why not) the Paleo diet is right for you, there will be a ton of science-y posts on autoimmunity, celiac disease, gluten intolerance and so on. 425 more words



What is the Whole30? It is a 30 day commitment to eating whole, unprocessed foods. It cuts out foods that humans have a predisposition to be intolerant to like dairy, gluten and soy. 429 more words

Mint Chocolate for My Mouth (Or Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls)

Remember how I was all into the Cookie Dough Protein Balls from PaleOMG a few weeks ago? (If not, you can find the Balls for Breakfast post… 263 more words

Paleo Friendly

Maple Chili Pork Chops (Or Sweet, Sweet Meaty Sin!)

I made things. Meaty things. With maple syrup.

It was such sweet, sweet sin.


I live for spicy, and while the recipe for maple chili pork chops didn’t push my spicy envelope, it had a nice kick. 212 more words