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Presence, or, a star is born

by Toine van Teeffelen
Arab Educational Institute, Bethlehem

On Saturday, March 4th, Ya’coub Shaheen was cheerfully welcomed in Bethlehem and Ramallah. After his performance in Arab Idol in Beirut, he shook not only the hands of VIPs but visited and performed in several Palestinian refugee camps near Beirut, together with his co-contestant Amir Dandan from Majd al-Krum in the Galilee. 176 more words


حزب الله يصوّب البوصلة الداخلية جنوباً

حزب الله يصوّب البوصلة الداخلية جنوباً

أبريل 21, 2017

ناصر قنديل

– في خطوة رآها البعض خارج سياق الهموم والاهتمامات اللبنانية المنغمسة في البحث عن بدل عن ضائع لقانون الانتخابات، تفادياً للأسوأ، واستنفر بوجهها بعض إعلام وبعض سياسة ليقع في الفخ الذي نصبته الخطوة لكشف مستور السياسة اللبنانية عن خلفيّات المشغّل والمموّل، ووضع الصديق والحليف أمام مرآة عنوانها أعرف حليفك، فتعرف عدوك، وبعناية وذكاء وبساطة خاض حزب الله ببوصلته الجنوبية غمار السياسات اللبنانية عابراً محدّداً وجهته الأساس، ما وراء الحدود.


Barcelona Votes to End «Israeli» Occupation & Illegal Settlements

Local Editor

Barcelona City Council passed a historic declaration on Wednesday upholding the right to boycott the “Israeli” entity over its violations of Palestinian rights. 609 more words


Sunday Submissions: 'A Blade of Grass,' New Palestinian Poetry

Novelist, poet, and academic Naomi Foyle is putting together a bilingual anthology of Palestinian poetry for Smokestack Books, and she’s looking for your submissions: 316 more words


Israelis Taunt Palestinian Hunger Strikers as Fatah Calls for "Day of Rage"

[ Ed. note – Some 1,500 Palestinian prisoners are presently on the sixth day of a hunger strike to protest conditions in Israeli prisons. A group of Israelis has responded by holding a a barbecue outside Ofer Prison, an act which one Jewish website refers to as a “taunt” to the “terrorists” locked up inside, while Fatah, the Palestinian group which organized the hunger strike, has called for a “day of rage” to take place on April 28. 1,411 more words


A Land Without Borders: My Journey Around East Jerusalem and the West Bank

A Land Without Borders: My Journey Around East Jerusalem and the West Bank

by Nir Baram, Jessica Cohen (Translator)

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From horror to fatigue to indifference, an important look forward and back that provides a grass-roots sense… An honest and troubling snapshot of Israel–both Palestinian and Israeli–that reveals the creeping realization that a two-state solution may no longer be possible.— Kirkus (starred review) 229 more words