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Trout Fisting In America #46 - Israel

I always thought the name of the country was an abbreviation for ‘Is real bad idea to occupy Palestine.’ The Israeli occupation and settlement (after settlement) of Palestine is immoral, illegal, and nearly-universally condemned. 954 more words

Trout Fisting In America

Boycott Israel & you won’t get aid donations, Hurricane Harvey victims told

RT | October 20, 2017

Residents in a Houston suburb will not receive funds donated for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts if they support boycotting Israel, according to a funding application form issued in the wake of the devastating storm.

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Kuwaiti Head of Parliament Blasts Israeli Delegates into Leaving International Meeting

St. Petersburg, Russia— Marzouq Alghanim, chief speaker and lawmaker of the Kuwait National Assembly, blasted Knesset members Nahman Shai and Sharren Haskel into leaving. Alghanim ordered the “child killers” to leave the Inter-Parliamentary Union assembly if they had an “atom of dignity”. 636 more words


Israel is pushing its luck with the EU

By Professor Kamel Hawwash | MEMO | October 20, 2017

When it comes to the various stakeholders in the Israeli Palestinian conflict Israel has guaranteed American support in almost whatever it does.

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Why Palestine?

Back in Canada, all I had to say to any friend was “I’m going to spend a few months living in Palestine,” and practically a round of applause sounded. 453 more words

Hamas must disarm to join Palestinian unity government - US

Source: BBC News

The United States says the militant Islamist movement Hamas must lay down its weapons if it is to play a part in a new Palestinian government. 52 more words

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