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Naked Trades in the Middle East

The template for forging peace between Israelis and Arabs for the last many years was based on the notion of trading one item for another. The idea was for Israel to give land to Arabs and would get peace or normalization in return. 908 more words


Trumplandia: September 5 -- 12, 2020

On the Down Low Edition

FiveThirtyEight Poll: 42.5% — up from 42.1% last week
Rasmussen Poll: 48% — up from 46% last week… 2,325 more words

Covid-19 has become the last injustice made to Palestine

As of 23 July, persons entering Switzerland from the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) are legally mandated to go into quarantine. The OPT is now identified as a country or area with an increased risk of coronavirus infection. 105 more words


What is UAE Saying about the Palestinian Authority Now?

As news begins to flow regarding the Israeli-UAE peace deal, the attitude toward the Palestinian Authority is being exposed to the world.

For years, the Palestinians have held Arab countries hostage to their push for statehood within Israeli borders. 210 more words

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Sec State Mike Pompeo On Board First Official Direct Flight from Israel to Sudan...Will There be Peace?

Mike Pompeo arrives in Sudan

News broke yesterday that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was aboard the first-ever direct flight from Israel to Sudan. (Read about it… 518 more words

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Why Palestinians Need to Reclaim the PLO

Regardless of the PLO’s current semidormant status, it is still the body closest to Palestinian communities at home and in the diaspora. The only way out of the current political dead end is for Palestinians to revive and build their grassroots networks at home, in refugee camps, and in the diaspora from the ground up. 81 more words


Reclaiming The PLO, Re-Engaging Youth

How can the PLO maintain accountability as both a national liberation movement and governing body? How might Hamas and Islamic Jihad be integrated after decades of exclusion? 62 more words

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