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American Jews are taking back their power from Israel

The last month has seen the greatest change in the US relationship with Israel in more than 40 years, maybe since the 1973 war, or possibly even Suez, or the creation of the state. 2,028 more words

Bill Maher Defends Netanyahu's Racist Campaigning, Floats Stripping Arabs Of Votes

By Zaid Jilani / Alternet

Maher suggests America might strip blacks of the vote if black nations had attacked us.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s racist campaigning did not cost him the election, but it did cost Obama administration support. 460 more words


NY TIMES EDITORIAL: Keeping Palestinian Hopes Alive

While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dealt a grievous blow to a negotiated peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, for baldly political reasons, the idea of two states living side by side in that region remains the best alternative to violent confrontation and should not be allowed to die. 89 more words


Jesonian: Galilean... March 22, 2015

Jonathots Daily Blog


His critics called him “a Galilean.”

The word means very little to us. But in the time of Jesus, it communicated volumes. 480 more words


bake-in' cabbage, for days of rain and snow

Winter can really get you down the most. My solutions to winter this winter included a) cook everything with bacon and b) escape at earliest possible opportunity for warmer climes. 466 more words


Can Israel remain a democracy?

Original post from The Washington Post

‘…………Can Israel remain a democracy?

 By Dana Milbank Opinion writer March 20 2015

Eleven years ago, I carried my infant daughter into a synagogue basement and plunged her tiny body, head to toe, underwater. 788 more words


U.S. Senator Marco Rubio's Amazing Speech on 'US-Israel Relations'

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R.) Florida delivers an amazing speech on the current state of relations between the Nation of Israel and the hostile Obama administration. 10 more words