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Wounded Palestinian killed by Israeli soldier buried


© AFP | Relatives and friends chant slogans during the funeral of Abdul Fatah al-Sharif, a wounded Palestinian assailant who was shot dead by an Israeli soldier in the city of Hebron in March in the West Bank city of Hebron, on May 28, 2016… 401 more words

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Issam Abuanza, 37 – who gained a licence to practise medicine in the UK in 2009 – left his Sheffield home, his wife and two children in 2014. 941 more words

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Palestinian National Identity in Diaspora, and our Right to Nationalism

By Osama M.

Palestinian scholar Rashid Khalidi begins his study, with: “The quintessential Palestinian experience, which illustrates some of the most basic issues raised by Palestinian identity, takes place at a border, an airport, a checkpoint: in short, at any of those many modern barriers where identities are checked and verified.” Why? 449 more words

Netanyahu proclaims support for peace, despite French rebuff

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s leader on Monday, May 23,  reiterated his support for the establishment of a Palestinian state, seeking to persuade critics that he remains committed to peace as he prepares to bring a polarizing hardliner into his Cabinet. 542 more words

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Israel lifts Gaza cement import ban


© AFP/File | Palestinian workers pour cement on the roof of a building under construction in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah, on April 5, 2016… 237 more words

To Get Married in Gaza !!

If you are interested in any country or civilization, certainly you will ask questions about its history, traditions, beliefs and even superstitions. I bet that everyone had read topics like “weird marriage customs around the world” or “bizarre wedding rituals”. 760 more words


Rawabi, city of the future: Palestinian nation-building in Zone A

Traveling around Israel and the Palestinian Territories of the West Bank, it is easy to become cynical, sad, and sometimes even angry. We met an Israeli settler from a Binyamin vineyard in the West Bank who believes in maintaining the occupation for 50 more years; we met representatives from… 251 more words