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Syrian Commandoes in Aleppo, On A Manhunt For Palestinian Kid Head-Chopper.

Image: The kid in the image was beheaded by the terrorists on charges of assisting the Syrian government forces.

TEHRAN (FNA)- The terrorist, who beheaded a 12-year-old Palestinian boy on charges of assisting Syrian government forces in Northern Aleppo on Wednesday, was killed in the Syrian Special Forces’ raid in the Northern farms of Aleppo city, informed sources confirmed Saturday. 143 more words

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Cherien Dabis - شيرين دعيبس

ممثلة ومخرجة وكاتبة سيناريوهات فلسطينية امريكية ومن اشهر كتاباتها المسلسل الشهير (حرف اللام ) او

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Hiam Abbass - هيام عباس

ممثلة ومخرجة فلسطينية، شاركت بفيلم ستيفن سبيلبرج الشهير “ميونيخ” ووقتها قد مثلت مع الممثلين الاسرائيلين ووصفت الحوارات التي دارت على مدى ثلاث شهور وادت لتقارب اراء الطرفين، كما وصفت صعوبة اداء الادوار على الممثلين الفلسطينين بمحاكاة القصة ومعاملة الفريق الاسرائيلي بخشونة اثناء تعرضه للخطف


Ghassan Zaqtan's "Describing the Past"

There are books in life that we read slowly for the pure pleasure of feeling the words in our mouths. Meaning becomes secondary as we are lost in the pleasure, a feeling that brings many us back to reading again and again. 1,123 more words


The Oud-Player of Jerusalem

The musical instrument known as the oud (aka moorish guitar) is a big part of Palestinian culture. It’s an instrument which has a history extending as far back as five thousand years, and it’s considered the father of all Arabic string instruments. 139 more words


Social Media and the Zionist Calls for Murder !!

“I want to revenge and kill a Palestinian” this was the post on a Facebook account, so simple and straightforward.
What happened?

Ayala Hasson, an “israeli” journalist, reporter and news director in the zionist IBA News channel, has started a… 545 more words