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Results from the 2008 Second Presidential Debate Poll

Thanks to everyone who took part in our poll.  Our results definitely had a strong tilt toward Senator Obama relative to the more scientific polls.  This is in line with other unscientific web-based polls:  Maybe an indication that web-savvy voters have an Obama-biased. 73 more words


Who won the second Presidential debate?

Meet Presidential candidates Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain.

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"Are we not doing the talent portion?"

David Bianculli gives Tina Fey her props and reminds us of some of the other great political players who were eviscerated on Saturday Night Live. 68 more words


Palin vs Biden: Vice Presidential Debate (With Cartoons)

Michelle Malkin has excellent play-by-play coverage at:

Sarah vs. Smirky: Vice presidential debate thread


Malkin totally is a huge Palin fan.

Great after-debate pics at… 143 more words

The World

Palin vs. Biden, Lets Get Ready To Rumble!!!!!!!

Buenos Dias,

      The Vice Presidential debate was on last night as most if not all of you know (where have you been?). I watched it in it’s entirety, where as M ran around the house yelling about the Cubs loss (pull it together men, all of you). 239 more words

Morning Fodder

Palin vs Biden Who Won?

Without starting a multitude of off the wall comments –  I decided to pull some quotes from the NY Times, to support my stance on the debate last night. 637 more words