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Bold Republicans Say "IF True" Moore Should Step Down

The allegations of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore have consumed the media and the political discourse in the country.  Sean Hannity interviewed Mr. Moore. 720 more words

It's "Commonly Agreed" that Todd Palin Was a Pimp

Of course it was not commonly agreed that Todd Palin was a pimp.  However he never denied it., in spite of a specific letter requesting, and inviting, a denial.  32 more words

It is Now "Commonly Agreed" that Donald Trump and Sarah Palin Had a Relationship

Mike Pence feels it is inappropriate for a man to have dinner with a woman other than his wife.The obvious concern is that he might be unable to resist the dazzling sexual appeal of another woman. 212 more words

Sarah Palin Gets Her Facts Wrong Again!

Sarah Palin has made it her job in life to spin events so they look like she or people who share her political ideology are always right.  483 more words

Trump is Like Palin: They Share "Political Incompetence"

Peggy Noonan of the Conservative Wall Street Journal has consistently written in the Journal as a conservative sharing her views.  Peggy has compared Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, noting they both have ”  75 more words

OOPS! Sarah Palin Forgot to Mention John McCain's Memorable Speech

In the last 24 hours Sarah Palin has posted 21 stories on her Facebook.  It appears she is going rogue again and doing her maverick thing regarding the ultimate maverick, John McCain.  110 more words

Review - The Death of Stalin

Adult comedy. Two words that, in the last decade or so, have filled me with complete dread every time they’re uttered. Adult comedy has come to mean “get ready for a side order of boobs with your zany manchild antics!”, something that has always felt like a teenage film masquerading as grown up. 666 more words