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Roman Clothing

So now that temperatures mimicking the seventh level of Hades are approaching I thought it might be a grand time to talk about Roman clothing. Done correctly, it is still several layers of foolishness… but if those layers are lightweight linen you’ll fare better in 95 degree weather with 70% humidity. 761 more words

Italian Studies

Word of the day: Palla (Ball)

https://wespeakitaliandotorg.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/palla.m4aPalla (pal-la) Feminine singular noun

La palla – The ball

Le palle – The balls

Palla di cannone – Cannonball

Palla da golf – Golfball… 184 more words


la guerra

Uno dei Pasztor lo interruppe:

– Lo facciamo perché vogliamo avere un posto dove si possa giocare alla palla. Qui non è possibile e … Noi vogliamo il campo per giocare alla palla. 47 more words

Jhulelal or Zindapir: River Saints, fish and flows of the Indus

Above: Zindapir Shrine at Sukkur Photo from: British Library

Perhaps we all have our pet projects which we wish would go on forever. I have been working on a Primer on Riverine Fisheries of South Asia for some years now (my office may disagree with the definition of ‘some’). 2,624 more words



“Then, why tell something so important to a person like me?”
“Heh… That, too, is my weakness. I wanted somebody to listen. No, not just somebody.

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