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Word of the day: Palla (Ball)

https://wespeakitaliandotorg.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/palla.m4aPalla (pal-la) Feminine singular noun

La palla – The ball

Le palle – The balls

Palla di cannone – Cannonball

Palla da golf – Golfball… 184 more words


la guerra

Uno dei Pasztor lo interruppe:

– Lo facciamo perché vogliamo avere un posto dove si possa giocare alla palla. Qui non è possibile e … Noi vogliamo il campo per giocare alla palla. 47 more words

Jhulelal or Zindapir: River Saints, fish and flows of the Indus

Above: Zindapir Shrine at Sukkur Photo from: British Library

Perhaps we all have our pet projects which we wish would go on forever. I have been working on a Primer on Riverine Fisheries of South Asia for some years now (my office may disagree with the definition of ‘some’). 2,624 more words


Garb Update: Rustic Plebeian Ensemble

These are going to be used to turn my rustic plebian tunica into something that I could actually leave camp in to walk about “town” and feel confident.   255 more words