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Garb Update: Rustic Plebeian Ensemble

These are going to be used to turn my rustic plebian tunica into something that I could actually leave camp in to walk about “town” and feel confident.   255 more words


H shape - Sarees


  • Wear all fabrics except stiff fabrics
  • Prefer to have design on the blouse – so that attention is drawn near your face
  • Try to widen shoulders through blouse design for slimmer look…
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H Body Shape

Three sleeps until Alexander The Great Marathon!

That’s it.  All packed.  Apart from a 5k tomorrow morning (to pre stretch my legs a head of a days travel in various tin travelling devices) that’s all the training done that I can.   452 more words


Simon Gardiner

“In these pieces I deconstruct and reconstruct photographs for a new visual reality.”- Simon Gardiner

Simon Gardiner has done groups of work titled Upside I and Upside II  which have strong geometry lines, symmetry and look like a kaleidoscope.

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Semester Two

Kawahara Kazuhiko

By making it symmetrical I confront the natural with the mechanical, the artificial. Architecture in itself is made entirely by people to be used and controlled by people.

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Semester Two


In Ancient Rome , the toga , tunic , stola , brooches and breeches were popular pieces of clothing. The fabrics used usually comprised of wool , linen and hemp. 402 more words