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Palm Fruit Soup (Ghanaian Version)

Another Ghanaian recipe today. I love their recipes because their foods taste closest to ours. They love their heat and spices, so I’m all for Ghanaian food…and Ivorien…and Senegalese…and Gabonese…and Kenyan…I. 316 more words


Ice Apple or Palm fruit Smoothie

Palm fruit also known as Sugar palm or Ice Apple grows on the Palmyra plant.Palmyra palm tree is the national tree of Cambodia andĀ Borassus flabelliferĀ  173 more words

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Palm Fruit Products

Palm fruit is a tropical fruit harvested primarily for its oil. The oil is predominantly made up of saturated fat and so is solid at room temperature. 258 more words

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Salak / Snake Fruit

I’ve seen this palm fruit all over Yogyakarta, also in Magelang. Seems all over in Central Java.

The skin is akin to that of a snake. 6 more words


Banga Rice

Every-time i ask our Facebook fans for recipes they would like to see on the blog, banga rice keeps coming up. I finally decided to make it and it was absolutely delicious. 219 more words


The Magic of Palm Fruit!

Nature provides the best nurture for the human body, even though a lot of people do not realise that. For instance, if you have a sore throat, rather than popping over the counter pills, it would be better to drink some hot water with some lemon and honey in it. 211 more words


All About the Wondrous Palm Fruit

Not a lot of people would be aware of the botanical term Elaeis guineensis; however a few might be familiar with the term African oil palm. 228 more words