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Malaysia now owns 20 percent of Palm oil plantation in Indonesia

Following a move by Felda Global Ventures Holdings (FGVH) to acquire 37 percent shares of PT Eagle High Plantations Tbk (EHPT) worth US$ 680 million, malaysian companies now own around 2 million hectares of Palm oil plantation in Indonesia. 43 more words

Orang utan Rehab....Sepilok, Borneo, Malaysia

Sepilok is a small town located close to Sandakan (so many S-towns in Sabah) and on our way back to Kota Kinabalu in East Malaysia/Borneo. Sepilok is home to a couple rehabilitation centers and sanctuaries. 705 more words


Going to hell in a handcart: chopping forests down for palm oil set to continue...

“Indonesian govt reiterates plan to clear 14M ha of forest by 2020”

This is why we must combat the use of palm oil in food.  The term  “sustainable palm oil” is an all embracing escape clause, a misnomer and pure logical fallacy.  130 more words

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[Press Release] Farmer murdered as violence escalates in Mindanao palm oil plantation -WIFEDEV/MFDC/UNORKA Mindanao

Farmer murdered as violence escalates in Mindanao palm oil plantation

San Francisco, Agusan del Sur, 09 August 2014. A 42-year old farmer died early this morning of multiple gunshot wounds in Brgy. 613 more words

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Snickers & Twix oppose Deforestation


This article was a great joy to read because now I could easily buy Twix and Snickers knowing that Mars, Inc., the maker of most of the popular and affordable chocolates you find at the grocery store, are in support of zero deforestation. 275 more words

The tyranny of monocultural gardening

Monocultures. We have been talking about horticultural monocultures – the cultivation of a single crop on a large scale.

I saw a monoculture in Malaysia – palm oil. 862 more words

Tikorangi: The Jury Garden