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Palm warbler

    Palm warblers are common winter residents in Florida, arriving in late September and staying on until April. They feed mostly on insects, but occasionally eat berries. 19 more words


Songbirds & Hawks Don't Mix

I think having two, and perhaps three, hawks  now patrolling the trees here on my street, has a lot to do with my not having seen many songbirds here lately.   112 more words

Bird Watching

Largo Nature Preserve

Nesting is in full swing for the osprey in the area.  I don’t think they have eggs yet since they both left the nest at the same time for a while. 76 more words

Bird Photography

Palm warbler at El Rey

El rey is a marshland and abandoned rice fields 17 km south of Quepos, following national route 34 (aprox 20 minutes). This marshes have surprised us local birders several times with interesting rare North american species as well as 2 species completely new to Costa Rica, this time on January 24th, 2015 wile birding with friends Arnoldo Garcia and Rodrigo Villalobos, excellent bird photographers who constantly visit different spots throughout Costa Rica in search for species to photograph, I was fortunate to find a palm warbler, a rare NA migrant, gladly my friends got on time to get a photo proof of the bird, thanks to Rodrigo for sharing his photo. 18 more words


Show and Tail

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