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Birds at the golf course

Loggerhead Shrike.

I took a walk past the Ocean Club Golf Course at the Hutchinson Island Marriott yesterday morning. Photos could be better, since most of the birds were on the wrong side of the light and far away. 553 more words

Palm warblers are back

These little birds showed up on our street about a week ago. Small but impossible to miss because they were IN the road every time I drove or walked that way, hopping here and there, bobbing their tails constantly. 317 more words

Peregrine Falcon Fantasy at Stateline

The falcon pair has been putting on a show for photographers the past few days.  I guess they are getting tired of all the migrants invading their space.  14 more words

Miscellaneous Wildlife

Retzer Nature Center in October

I went to Retzer Nature Center to check on the migrant bird activity. Just about all of the summer birds have officially cleared out and the birds of fall and winter have taken over. 395 more words

2017 Birding Blog

06 October 2017 - PNW Migration Update

Message Date: Oct 05 2017 16:24:38
The Portland National Weather Service Doppler Radar will be down periodically fo
r routine maintenance until around noon. PT 10/05/2017 924 am PDT 1624 UTC. 263 more words

Pacific Flyway

Palm Warbler

As soon as I saw the flash of yellow, I knew that these little birds were almost certainly warblers and not sparrows. When it comes to most warbler species, that’s the full extent of my identification skills. 143 more words