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Sitting pretty

We often consider male songbirds more beautiful and striking than females, since their feathers are usually showier and more colorful.

Yet Smithsonian published an article last year about some fascinating research, which now reveals that… 83 more words

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Palm Warbler

One of our winter residents in central Florida which can be found in abundance.


Introducing # 50

Just a few days ago I posted a list of birds species which have been photographed while visiting  my backyard. My count ended with # 49. 154 more words


Malibu Lagoon Trip Report: 25 October, 2015

Continuing large waves at high tides have washed away about 80% of the beach. The virtual fence for the Snowy Plover enclosure is gone, save one lonely pole, and the plovers have moved as well. 1,485 more words

Field Trip Reports

Birds of Ocracoke: the Palm Warbler

Text and photos by P. Vankevich

This is a streaky bird with a light eyeline and a bright yellow under tail. In breeding plumage, it has a rusty cap which is not normally visible when on the island. 388 more words

Peter Vankevich

Warbler in October

Warblers are so small and hide so well in the trees that I almost never see any. This past week, however, I spotted a flash of yellow in the distance and I was able to capture some shots of what I have been told is a Palm Warbler ( 147 more words


Palm Warbler (non-breeding plumage) in North Vancouver

Palm Warbler (non-breeding plumage) | Paruline à couronne rousse | Setophaga palmarum: Here’s another photo of the locally rare Palm Warbler that I found last weekend in the Harbourside section of the Spirit Trail in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. 28 more words