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I, Daniel Blake

If you have ever walked by a homeless person and thought “There but for the Grace of God, go I”, go see I, Daniel Blake. 455 more words


Plain, Simple Tom reviews . . . "I, Daniel Blake" (2016)

Unusual for a Screen Unseen, this was a film that I had definitely heard of, saw the trailer for beforehand and pretty much knew what it was all about. 818 more words

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Daniel Blake is a brutally honest and moving account of the failings of our welfare state. It lays bare the cruel realities of those left to fall through the cracks and the total lack of humanity in the system. 518 more words


I, Daniel Blake - review

Ken Loach’s last picture, the deeply disappointing Jimmy’s Hall, was meant to be his last. I said at the time that I hoped it wouldn’t be, because such a glittering career deserved a far better send-off. 670 more words


The Latest Trailer For 'Loving' Will Move You Instantly - Trailer Review

From the acclaimed director of Mud and Midnight Special, Jeff Nichols has thrown his name into the Oscar contention early on with his latest film  228 more words


Bitter cherries

What follows is not a review but an attempt to answer a question. Abbas Kiarostami’s A Taste of Cherrywas first released in 1997 (coincidentally the year I was born) and won the Palme d’Or at Cannes the same year. 1,046 more words



2003; written and directed by Gus Van Sant; 81 mins

“Firecrackers!” That seems to be the recurring motif in these scenarios. Many a time, one reads of witnesses describing the sound of firecrackers nearby in the initial shots of a horrific domestic massacre. 481 more words