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Yuck It Up, Humanity, Because VR Is Going To Make Things Really Weird

The Internetogencia was all in a tizzy this week as it commented on a cover photo from Time magazine extolling the simple joys of VR. The cover, if you haven’t seen it, features the disheveled founder of Oculus Rift, Palmer Luckey, who looked like a jolly baby as he bumbled around a virtual seashore. 462 more words


TIME talk about the revolution of VR, so let's all make fun of their Palmer Luckey cover

It’s always a pretty big deal when mainstream media decides to cover games in a positive manner. TIME magazine recently ran an article titled; “The Surprising Joy of Virtual Reality – And why it’s about to change the world.” Which is awesome, because VR is shaping up quite nicely and it’s always nice to get some positive press. 261 more words


TIME Makes 3D Cool Again

I equate this to being really into a show as a kid, finding out that mom and dad really like that show too and then suddenly finding that show to be completely lame. 66 more words

Broken Glasses

The Surprising Fun the Internet Had With Time Magazine's Virtual Reality Cover

Time magazine’s decision to put Oculus founder Palmer Luckey on the cover of its newest issue¬†could be seen¬†as a watershed moment for the nascent virtual reality space. 302 more words


11 Things We Learned By Trying Every Virtual Reality Headset Out There

In the August 17 cover story of TIME, we take a deep look at the mainstreaming of virtual reality, the long-promised technology that is now becoming widely available to consumers. 1,424 more words

Investment Is Flowing Into VR

Should You Buy the Hype? An Inside Look at the Virtual Reality Landscape

When 19-year-old Palmer Luckey launched an ambitious virtual reality Kickstarter campaign back in 2012, in no way could he have dreamt up a scenario that involved reawakening a billion-dollar industry, grabbing Mark Zuckerberg as a boss, or fueling a conglomerate arms race between Facebook, Google, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Intel and AMD. 51 more words

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