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Following a Dream in 2017 - Day 43 of 100

Today’s shot is another one of Palos Verdes. I wish the day had been a little clearer that morning when I went to the coast with my camera, but you often don’t get all the right conditions weather wise when shooting.  55 more words

Following a Dream in 2017 - Day 42 of 100

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m heading out soon to have dinner with my girlfriend. I’m sure we are bound to see a ton of people at the restaurant, and I’m a little worried that our reservations won’t be on the list when we arrive (I called on the phone to confirm, but no one answered). 64 more words

Following a Dream in 2017 - Day 40 of 100

Poem: Care

Stretch, reach, find it
Don’t just let it come to you
Because it often won’t
Find the ill
The lost and outcast
The stranger at the door seeking refuge… 71 more words

Wedding Faire * Winter 2017* Palos Verdes Art Center

We are so excited to debut this show for the 1st time in the Palos Verdes Peninsula area, celebrating Weddings, Nuptials Events, the eclectic arts and at what better venue than the colorful Palos Verdes Art Center; one of the best kept secrets in Southern CA. 223 more words

Following a Dream in 2017 - Day 30 of 100

It’s sometimes best to ignore politics when given a creative project. Today I was asked to shoot the Trump golf course. I handled the assignment just like any other assignment–to try to capture the beauty of the place as best as I could. 122 more words


A few weeks before all the storms decided to take over California, we were experiencing the best weather here in LA. The temperature was moderate (not too hot or cold), the sky was super clear, and the sunsets were the best I had ever seen. 342 more words


Palos Verdes Hills

Palos Verdes to Santa Monica by Mike Hope

A hike up in the Palos Verdes hills on a Sunday afternoon just after the rains. The walk is magnificent and when you approach the peak you get a vista from… 49 more words

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