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Heart Related Symptoms; When Should I Worry?

Pains in the chest? “Must be your heart”

Palpitation? “Could be life threatening” 647 more words

Heart Health

Palpitation and forgetfulness 

Palpitation and easy forgetfulness are among the symptoms we can find around us without any difficulty. People tend to live with them. These are one of the symptoms for many biomedicine diagnoses, such as hypoglycemia, heart diseases, and so on. 21 more words

Huh Im's Acumoxa Clinical Experience

What is myocarditis?

What is myocarditis?

Myocarditis is inflammation of the myocardium (middle muscular layer of the heart). Often it is due to viral infection, though it is not a common condition. 167 more words


बड़े काम का चिचिंडा

चिचिंडा लौकी, तरोई परिवार की सब्जी है। आकार में ये तरोई जैसे पतले पर लम्बाई में उससे कहीं ज्यादा तक होते है। वानस्पतिक विवरण के आधार पर लम्बाई में ये 15 से.

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Palpitation (n.)

Contrast to paroxysmal tachycardia, it is that fluttering gust of wind stirring within you, as you eagerly and anxiously wait for your crush’s reply to your message “Hey! 63 more words


Is That Really Leaving It Behind?

Through the stained glass
And smash

The past
And smash

The past
Is gone at last
Wear its carcass

Is gone at last… 26 more words



There were some promises I made you vow,
and you did it,
without any glint of hesitation,
not only made it for me,
but fulfilled them astoundingly… 42 more words