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Bloody Drummer Boy

This head makes too much noise at night that it wakes up the little drummer who slumbers within the cavities of my chest.

I really don’t want him to wake up. 85 more words


Sinus, ectopics, SVT, AF/flutter, WPW, VT/VF, torsardes, SSS, heart block, valvular lesion, RF, MVP, AMI, dissection,   electrolytes, Drugs, thyroid, sepsis, anaemia, anxiety, preganancy, tick bites, phaeochromocytoma, hypoxia… 26 more words



Grave’s, toxic nodular goiter, Subacute thyroiditis, iodine excess, thyroxine, amiodarone

Heat, diarrhoea, diaphoresis, wegith loss, anxiety, palpitation, tremor, goiter, myopathy,
hyperreflexia, Lid lag, exophthalmos… 39 more words

Weight Loss

24-Hour Holter Monitoring

According to Mayoclinic.org, a normal resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats a minute.

Generally, a lower heart rate at rest implies more efficient heart function and better cardiovascular fitness. 1,768 more words


What are Palpitations of the Heart?

One of the commonest symptoms reported to doctors and is that of ‘palpitations’.

This general description covers a range of different symptoms and they may have many different causes. 283 more words


Anxious. Who Me?


There’s nothing like a really bad anxiety attack to make you explode by surprise. The image I see is a raw egg getting cracked, hard, on top of your head and the runny yolk and raw white egg white oozing down your face. 494 more words

Work, Doctorb and Toy Trains

I took some time from being a very busy and important man at work to head down to the doctor. I’ve had a couple of heart palpitations over the years which I’ve mostly ignored. 491 more words