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बड़े काम का चिचिंडा

चिचिंडा लौकी, तरोई परिवार की सब्जी है। आकार में ये तरोई जैसे पतले पर लम्बाई में उससे कहीं ज्यादा तक होते है। वानस्पतिक विवरण के आधार पर लम्बाई में ये 15 से.

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Is That Really Leaving It Behind?

Through the stained glass
And smash

The past
And smash

The past
Is gone at last
Wear its carcass

Is gone at last… 26 more words



There were some promises I made you vow,
and you did it,
without any glint of hesitation,
not only made it for me,
but fulfilled them astoundingly… 42 more words



What is palpitation?

Normally our heart is beating regularly at a rate between 60-100 per minute. But we are not aware of it. In certain circumstances, we become aware of our own heart beat. 321 more words

Electrical System Of The Heart

Rhuematic heart disease

What is rheumatic heart disease?

Rheumatic heart disease is heart disease secondary to one or more attacks of rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever involves mainly the heart valves and produces long lasting damage. 374 more words

Atrial Fibrillation


So I woke up this morning after sleeping for approx 4 hours to my roomie becky blasting the tv right in the next room after getting back from the hospital. 343 more words



Went to bed at 12, woke up at 11. Slept 11 hours!!! Amazing. I woke up feeling so calm and amazing. Heart was great. Calm. No skipped beats. 197 more words