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What happens in heart palpitation, exactly?

What is it?

A heart palpitation is a perceived abnormality of heart beats. It is characterized by being aware of the feeling of the heart beating inside the chest. 466 more words

So (long) goodbye, Coffee..

Halo! Memberi statement dari awal bahwa tulisan ini bukanlah postingan caper atau minta dikasihani, melainkan sebagai pengingat untuk saya sendiri.. Dan biar tetep aktif sebagai blogger karena ada bahan buat nulis. 2,092 more words

Tinggal Di Melbourne


After the initial fear of what I was facing, and after getting used to living with it, life went back to normal. Kinda, anyway. Things would be fine for a while then there would be a month or so where it’s palp after palp after palp. 289 more words


How it started

I know for a fact none of you know who I am. And I think it should stay that way. Just think of me as a small voice you imagine in your head with a few words of comfort, advice or just a wee funny story. 379 more words


Comprehending the demon of fear in us

One of the enduring aspects of humanity is in the fact that we live most parts of our lives in fear. Fear of God, fear of losing our jobs, fear of not being able to pay our bills and EMIs, fear of death, the list is endless. 825 more words


The strange case of Ashwini and his Dhyan Foundation

Yogi Ashwini ji is not only strange but unique in current times. He is the only one who is imparting the real Science of Yog, which is beyond religions, rituals or customs and minus the commercialization, a subject of individual experiences. 332 more words


Principle:  manage the palpitation, the arrhythmia and the underlying cause.

– syncope, chest pain, dyspnoea  with VT/structural heart defect
– sudden or gradual onset, with exertion,  duration, frequency, speed – tap… 93 more words