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Oh crap, bears.

Let’s talk palpitations.

I’m not talking about the I-had-too-much-coffee flutters, but the honest to God my-heart-is-pounding-out-of-my-chest-look-you-can-watch-it (Seriously, you can see it. It’s like a morbid party trick.) tachycardic, arrhythmic throbbing. 282 more words


"It's all in your head" is as real as it gets

Your chest feels so tight that it’s making it hard to breathe.  Your heart is racing, and a quick check of your pulse confirms this.  Your partner says “relax, it’s just your anxiety”, and that only makes you feel more agitated.   538 more words

Mental Health

Yoga pose for Palpitations


Paschimottanasana (Forward Bend Pose)

How to do it?

  • Sit up with the legs stretched out straight in front of you
  • Now bend your head and trunk slowly forward to catch the toes without bending knees…
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Living with Palpitations

I have been dealing with palpitations for about 5 years now. Palpitations are essentially skipped or extra beats by the heart. It has created a lot of anxiety in my life. 103 more words

So, how do I actually feel ?

I reckon a lot of guys will resonate with this.

You keep going for years, not quite realising that you are slowly getting weaker and weaker . 903 more words

A Broken Heart


When palpitations
of the heart
that sudden
that gasp for air

is it love
or lust
or life itself
forcing me to face… 106 more words