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366 Poems: June 21st, 2016

Girl in a Video Game

I want to be the girl

in the video game:

the one with crazy hair colors

and unrealistic features.

The one who can somehow wear armor… 115 more words


Why Kid Icarus Uprising Should Get A Sequel

The Kid Icarus series didn’t see the light of day for twenty years till Kid Icarus Uprising came out in 2012. Now it’s 2016 and Nintendo hasn’t done anything since besides including¬†Dark Pit and Palutena as new playable characters in… 509 more words

Video Games

Kid Icarus:Uprising (3DS)

This is a game I picked up a while ago and always a fan favorite. Now I’ll admit I never played the versions of Kid Icarus from 1986 or Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters (which Kid Icarus:Uprising does refer to often from equipment, enemies, and characters)¬† but I will do my best to do right by this review now let’s get started. 752 more words

Game Review

Just for Fun: Smash Bros with Friends 1

The lag was bearable in Match 2 but too much to handle in Match 3.

Good fights overall, not bad. Shame about the lag.

Smash Bros