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I took him serious, and he took me for a child.

The first time I walked into the new pizza restaurant, I saw him building pizza boxes behind the counter. 1,051 more words


I can feel it
A burn
An itch
Just under my watch band
The thud of a pulse waiting to bleed
A voice in my head saying… 73 more words


It’s too late now. Gravity has begun pulling at my bones, twisting and tearing at muscles and tendons, stretching them until they feel as if they will split. 640 more words

Who Am I?

I am Damien and Dylan’s mom. I am their buddy, their pal, their confidant, their disciplinarian. I am the person who bathed them, fed them, and powdered their bottoms. 840 more words

Our Map

The map of our lives takes us down many roads like a heartbeat in the light
we chug roughly around each bend no matter how treacherous the road… 163 more words