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Incense - Claire Crowther (Flarestack Poets 2010)

This is a rather intense, though interesting, collection of fatrases, a composition in which the first two lines are repeated as the first and last of the next eleven lines. 127 more words


Difficult Topic

Suicide is not something our society is comfortable talking about. Many of us, however, live with some version of a depressive disorder. We have periods in our lives when suicide seems like a legitimate alternative to the pain we are in. 154 more words

debut poetry zine

I am super nervous about doing this and it feels very self-indulgent but fuck it. I wanna publish a zine of my poetry and I can’t afford to do it cos I’m a student on disability benefits and have been declared unfit to work. 102 more words

Benefits of Availing Pamphlet Design Services for Your Business

Advertising plays a vital role and determines the success of a business. Among all the advertising options, pamphlet distribution and letterhead are efficient and extremely affordable. 489 more words


More About "The Golden Texts"

Last week Karen—a long-time reader of this blog—asked a question about the “Golden Texts” mentioned in many of Isabella Alden’s stories, including Gertrude’s Diary and… 414 more words

Isabella's Books

నెల్లూరు ప్రజలకు చేజారిపోనున్న అధునాతన కేన్సర్ ఆసుపత్రిని సాధించుకోనేందుకు సిద్ధం కావాలి. పేద కేన్సర్ రోగుల ఆస్తులను కార్పోరేట్ శక్తులకు ధారపోయాల్సిoదేనా?

ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ప్రభుత్వం జీ.ఓ.ఎం.ఎస్.53, 12-03-2013 ద్వారా నెల్లూరుకు ACSR ప్రభుత్వ వైద్య కళాశాల మరియు బోధనాసుపత్రిని  మంజూరు చేసింది. దీని కొరకు 750 పడకల ఆసుపత్రి మరియు 1157 మంది సిబ్బందిని  ఏర్పాటు చేసింది . 39 more words


Public Health System Challenges Government Policies & Alternatives

(Public meeting at Town Hall, Nellore on 21 Dec 2017)

Health has always been an important issue to humans, but has now become more complex and difficult to deal with due to more acute complications, fear about the quality of treatments and consumables, unnecessary treatments, lesser available resource of physical help, time and money. 827 more words