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:: WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

First, my favorite: Liberty Square and its central alley of palm trees. Surrounded by cultural centers in buildings erected in the origin of the city. Second, part of downtown skyline seen from a bridge over the train tracks. 209 more words

:: January CDP Theme Day: Photo of the Year :5:

Not my best photo, but it certainly is for this kid. Also a good story as I was leaving the museum. From a distance, it seemed this family was picnicking in the gardens of the museum, but as I approached I had the notion of what was happening. 303 more words


Imaging Brazil 263: Family Tricycle in Belo Horizonte, MG (2010)

A personal selection of photographs with their stories.

263: Family tricycle

The Pampulha region is a popular location for Brazilian and foreign tourists. They come for the architectural monuments, designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the zoo and botanical garden, the football matches in the Mineirão soccer stadium, or just for a leisurely walk or bike ride along the irregularly shaped lake. 58 more words