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The Rise and Fall of Pan-Arabism

Pan-Arabist approaches, along with internationalism and solidarity, refugee-refugee humanitarianism, and faith based responses to forced displacement, can be seen as presenting alternatives to dominant humanitarian discourse and approaches that situate Northern providers as the saviours of Southern victims of displacement.  2,218 more words


The Eagle of Salah al-Din

The Eagle of Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn al-Ayyūbī is an iconic symbol found on the west wall of the Cairo Citadel, built during the sultan’s rule. The eagle ( or نسر in Arabic) displays its wings with the tips downwards and has its legs splayed out. 741 more words


Statement on The 49th anniversary of The Al-Fatah Libyan Revolution of 1969

September 1st  is a date that will always be sacred and dear to The International Pan  Islamic Communist Party and   the heart of every Proletarian Muslim  as it is the date when in 1969 the corrupt and unislamic  regime  of King Idris the 1st of Libya was overthrown by Muammar Gaddafi and his revolutionary band  of  free officers which led to the creation of a new Pan – Arab Nationalist  Pan- African and  Islamic socialist new  order within the country    a new revolutionary  Libya  was born   a Libya devoted to Pan- Arab  and Pan -African  unity    an Islamic Socialist  Libya dedicated to the creation and formation of a United Pan  Arab Nation  and a United Africa  Brother Leader Muammar  Gaddafi and the Al-Fatah revolution would spread the values of Arab and Islamic socialism though out the world by aiding and supporting  liberation struggles around the world which were struggling  against imperialism and global Zionism  and this  earned Arab Islamic socialist Libya the hatred and ire of imperialists  and Zionists  the world over. 241 more words