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Open Letter to President al Bashir of Sudan - Out of the Arab League Now!


Open Letter to President al Bashir of Sudan – Out of the Arab League Now


An open letter to the President al Bashir, aiming at stopping the final decomposition of Sudan; a dead end of the colonial ideology of Pan-Arabism is demanded for the survival of the multi-cultural Paradise Sudan that unfortunately turned out to be a cemetery of peoples. 2,618 more words

Al Bashir

Opinion - Islamic State to Putin: We Are on Our Way to Russia | News | The Moscow Times - John Gelmini


Dr Alf wonders about the old adage” the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and I think about who caused ISIS in the first place, who is funding it now and how much the… 344 more words


Abdel Gamal Nasser's Legacy: The Rise and Fall of Nasserism

Europeans lengthy presence in Egypt caused widespread resentment resulting in strong anti-imperial sentiment. Egyptians grew tired of British lingering influence that manifested in Egypt’s economy, politics, and society. 1,765 more words

The Origins and Affinities of Arabs

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan

Although it is generally assumed that all Arabs are descendant from Ishmael the Son of Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) and lady Hajar (peace be upon him) , it is more likely, as born out by Arab genealogical tradition, that it is only a portion of them,viz. 1,027 more words