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An Interview with the Jordanian Ambassador to the UK: Mazen Hamoud talks to DU PolSoc

Following Mr. Hamoud’s address to the Durham Union Society on Tuesday the 7th of June, the Jordanian Ambassador spoke to your journal editor and elaborated on the situation in Jordan and the Middle East. 835 more words

International Relations

"After the demise of nationalism, pan-Arabism and communism, #Islamism is now facing its inevitable decline"

Political Islam will go the same way as nationalism and communism
by Moncef Marzouki
June 15, 2016

Over the past half century, throughout which time I have been politically active, I have witnessed the rise and decline of three waves of political thought: nationalism, pan-Arabism and communism. 145 more words


13th of Rajab Birthday Statement for Imam Ali Abu Talib

.Today is the 13th of Rajab the birthday of  Imam Ali Abu Talib the cousin and son-in-law to the Holy Prophet Muhammad   Imam Ali was one of the greatest Revolutionaries of all time and he strove to create a prefect  Islamic socialist society based on complete social justice and equality among all Muslims regardless  of ethnicity  and he Imam Ali Abu Talib was also hardcore Pan-Arab Nationalist and patriot of the Arab Nation who supported the wars of Pan Semitic  Liberation that the Rashidun caliphate  waged in modern-day Iraq Jordan Palestine Syria and Egypt to Liberate these areas from the Byzantine and Persian military  occupations. 178 more words

Barack Obama is Not a Proletarian Muslim

For quite sometime now a  vicious lie and slander has been going around  That  Barack Obama is connected to Proletarian Islam and our political party  in someway  this is not true and it is an complete  and total falsehood  Barack Obama is not connected to our Party and political ideology in anyway whatsoever. 220 more words