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Record Review: Jef Stott - Arcana (2012, Six Degrees Records)

Between oriental medinas and the breeze of a desert morning at Burning Man festival, Jef Stott unleashes his version of pan-ethnic bass fusion. Dance-prone at times, meditative at others – majestic at most.

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Young Magic we could share

The hazy shoegazing off-beat tribalism of Young Magic is merged with Sergei Parajanov’s visual spiritualism to transmit an otherwordly utopia, somewhere lost in images, colours and sounds. 231 more words


Music Review: Young Magic - Melt (2012, Carpark Records)

The preposterous of a hypertechnological generation seeking to reestablish relations with humanity’s roots and nature is imprinted on Young Magic’s eclectic mix as recorded worldwide with appropriate, portable tools.

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