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Turkish President Erdogan Has Sold The Uyghur Turkic Islamic People of East Turkistan Out to China Only The Pan Turkic and Pan Islamic Working Class Can Liberate East Turkistan

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan on a recent state vist to China has sold out the Uyghur Turkic Islamic people of East Turkistan and their National liberation struggle by saying on his recent visit to China that the Uyghurs Turkic Islamic Peoples of East Turkistan are living and enjoying good lives under the cruel and evil Chinese occupation. 309 more words

In The Aftermath of The Recent White Nationalist Terror Attack on The Christchurch Mosque And Islamic Centre in New Zealand The Muslim Communities in The Islamic Diaspora Al-Shatat Should Put Into Practice The Islamic Socialist Teachings of Mr W D Fard Master Fard Muhammad

in the early 1930s in Detroit Michigan when the Islamic Socialist Revolutionary Mr W D Fard begin to organize  The Lost Found Nation of Islam in the West for the lost and found Islamic masses  in order to return them to their lost Islamic identity and culture  he knew from the very beginning that the white western world is inherently  Anti-Islamic  and Anti-Muslim and that the Nation of Islam in the West as it set up Mosque Islamic schools  and businesses   it would encounter opposition on the part of white Christians and other Anti-Islamic forces and elements    within The United States  and due to this factor Mr W D Fard Master Fard Muhammad set up  paramilitary  Islamic military units   within the Nation of Islam  such as The  Fruit of Islam for the men and the Muslim Girls Training MGT for the Female and each of these  military unity had their youth wing for the youth of the community such as The Jr Fruit of Islam and The Jr MGT today in this era of Alt-Right and White Nationalist terrorism towards the Islamic communities in the western countries and other areas of the Islamic Diaspora Al-Shatat  such as the  recent attacks on the Islamic Communities of Christchurch New Zealand  All of the Islamic communities regardless to madhabs different   Islamic  schools of Thought  sects race and ethnicities and national origins should and must emulate the military and security minded  example of Mr W D Fard Master Fard Muhammad  and establish   similar  Islamic paramilitary units within  their various  Islamic communities and organizations across the global Islamic diaspora Al-Shatat   in the majority Non-Muslim counties   in order to secure the lives businesses   property  and infrastructure of The   Islamic communities  in these areas of the world. 127 more words