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Summer 2013

After our run of gigs during May – June finally wound down, I rolled up my sleeves and had a go at trying to set the Salvation rig that our former producer Steven had given me back up so I could begin the process of trying to learn how to do music production/audio engineering on my own… 2,146 more words

Panache Stuff

Various Disruptions and More Progress

Following Chi’s dismissal of our erstwhile producer Steven and decision to start working with another producer/musician instead, various things came up that disrupted a variety of processes that were underway.  2,188 more words

Daily Happenings

Victory Speech Sessions -- Phase 2: Changing Tack

During the previous few weeks working with Steven, Chi, in addition to his usual insistence on having a vocalist on the album, also said that he wanted to bring in another L.A.-based musician: a highly talented string player/multi-instrumentalist with advanced production chops that he had gigged with several times in the past to play on the album and also perform with us. 1,095 more words

Panache Stuff

The Reason Why New Content Seldom Makes It to the Panache Orchestra Web Presence (and more reasons why we're not performing anymore)

People may wonder why despite our considerable existing and ongoing creative output there is very little new content uploaded to the Panache Orchestra websites on anything resembling a frequent basis. 1,706 more words

Panache Stuff