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Tomb of St. Frigid

Modern day Turkey, like Panama, spans two continents giving it a touch of multiculturalism enmeshed in lashes of schizophrenia.

In its long and checkered history Turkey has many claims to fame and few disappointing historical episodes it would rather brush beneath the proverbial carpet or just drown in the Bosporus. 672 more words

the traveling introvert's dilemma, part five

American Stereotypes: An Ode to Cultural Differences

Disclaimer: I have no sources because I am American and I am the Source.

Disclaimer for the disclaimer: That was a joke. 1,312 more words


David Cameron’s offshore dealings were politically embarrassing and awkwardly profitable

After days of dodges and denials, David Cameron has finally admitted that he held a stake in his father’s offshore fund before he became Britain’s prime minister. 34 more words

President of Panama: Embrace Transparency to Fight Corruption

The world of my youth—divided by blocs and borders, and where the destiny of small countries was fixed in the firmament of superpower rivalry—has given way to a profound interconnectedness. 801 more words

The Panama Papers singes celebrities…

A British Prime Minister is embattled and a Polish premier had to give up his job.

The Panama that Indians who grew up in 1980s knew was the popular cigarette brand. 1,101 more words

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