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Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

Daily Gratitude: Dapper making me French toast; having a great father-in-law; a hint of sun

Quote of the Day:

these moments are the moments that… 36 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

Daily Gratitude: flowers from a friend <3; warmth from the sun; greening grass

Quote of the Day: How beautiful, buoyant, and glad is morning! The first sunshine on the leaves: the first wind, laden with the first breath of the flowers—that deep sigh with which they seem to waken from sleep; the first dew, untouched even by the light foot of the early hare; the first chirping of the rousing birds, as if eager to begin song and flight; all is redolent of the strength given by rest, and the joy of conscious life. 29 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

Daily Gratitude: organizing all my paints in my new (old) cart; dining with Dapper; an invitation to a show next weekend

Quote of the Day: The expression “to write something down” suggests a descent of thought to the fingers whose movements immediately falsify it. 43 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

Wouldn’t it be lovely to see one’s own photographs gracing the cover of a book?

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Daily Gratitude: a lazy day watching Monarch of the Glen; pizza; hundreds of mum blossoms in the garden… 34 more words