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Vastlapäev! Zooks Makes Estonian Sweets (Vastla)kukkel.


There is a “holiday” that I celebrate (?) every year since I spent one year as an exchange student in Ireland, which is

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Celebrating Fat Tuesday aka Pancake Tuesday

Today, Tuesday February 25th, is the last day of Shrovetide in the Christian church, and is known by many names in various traditions, such as: 1,519 more words

Wheel Of The Year

Pancakes and Mindfulness

So as you are probably aware by now, today was Pancake Tuesday. A day where most of us sit and enjoy fluffy little flat cake things covered in Nutella, golden syrup, sugar or whatever your topping of preference is! 446 more words

Daily Thonks

Pancake tuesday

Shrove Tuesday or pancake tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday, celebrated in some Christian countries by consuming pancakes; in others, especially those where it is called Mardi Gras or a translation thereof, it is a carnival day, the last day of “fat eating” or “gorging” before the fasting period of Lent. 68 more words



it be pancake tuesday today!
we are at work and
wes got pancakes!
i love them!
we got lemon and sugar on ares
we not posed to be eating them… 46 more words


Shrove Tuesday explained

Today is Shrove Tuesday. But what is it all about?

Lent is the time of spiritual preparation leading up to the main event in the Christian faith: Easter. 373 more words

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