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Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake)

Another way to make my children eat vegetable is by making vegetable pancakes where I chop and mix all kinds of veggies into a pancake a mix and serve it with sauce to make it more appetizing.   96 more words

My Kitchen

Pancake cakes :)

I have never been a great baker but seem to be an awesome pancake maker :)

Pancakes are simple and easy. The first to or three are always guaranteed to flop but once the you have figured out the correct temperature the pan must be at its quite easy. 688 more words


Yam buckwheat pancake

One thing I like about yam is that it’s so versatile. It could be a savory main dish, a quick breakfast, a healthy dessert, or a filling snack. 401 more words


Turmeric and health kick pancake

In the last few weeks I’ve been reading about turmeric quite a lot like how healthy it is, inflammatory and helps prevent against cancer and it cleanses the skin, etc. 140 more words


The Morning After

What if you can have breakfast anytime of the day? Sounds cool right?

My husband and I just found a perfect place here in South area. 206 more words


Scallion pancake

Face it. It’s a cool and cloudy Saturday afternoon. Who doesn’t want to lazy around especially that kids just finished the school? I was in no mood to cook at lunch time. 515 more words


Pancake Break At Nakano

Nakano district is easy to access from my house, 30 minutes by walk. Every weekends, I go there with expectation getting to know something new each time. 116 more words