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#tastytuesday Week 8

This new blog editor update is throwing me off so much but here goes. This is my food for the past week. This was Sunday, finishing up my pizza for my weight loss reward and also finishing up the pancakes I made on Saturday. 291 more words


Lava pancakes, gluten and milk free

So finally I am taking the step into the world of food-blogging. I was asking my self why should I blog about food, there are so many doing that already. 416 more words


Stack o' Happiness

It was Monday morning and i needed to beat those Monday blues. It’s that time of year where your college workload is at its heaviest. My social media blog posts assessment turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me. 395 more words


Easy Cheat Brunch ideas to impress...

We all love a good brunch, and making brunch can be one of best ways to impress people, whether it be friends or family. However, for days when making a perfectly silky hollandaise sauce or slaving away over a hot stove to get beautifully poached eggs all seems to much, we’ve come up with the best supermarket buys that you can pimp and pass off as your own brunch creations. 312 more words