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Family Poems (14/16): Memas

After recently posting Unfinished Business in response to Sue Vincent’s book addiction post, and finally managing to finish Reading in the Park after only five decades, it struck me that it might be useful to post the family related poems, not in chronological order of composition, which is how they have appeared so far, but in a sequence that better reflects their chronological sequence in autobiographical time. 560 more words


Adventure Diaries: Camping at Panchgani

I almost didn’t go. What a blunder that would have been. I had other plans made to keep myself entertained over the weekend, and they were important…or so I kept telling myself in order to make them seem like a viable excuse for avoiding the camp. 1,126 more words


Passages from Chindia (1/2): a sense of common humanity

I’m back home at my desk at last. Feeling slightly spaced out still. This is hardly surprising given the jetting across time zones I’ve been doing recently. 1,988 more words


Chasing it or finding it.. A travellers dream!

So it’s been a while since I put up my last blog post.. Most of you must be thinking I have gone AWOL (pardon my urban dictionary language).. 244 more words


Weekend Getaway to Mahabaleshwar

The heat was getting unbearable and there was nothing much to do during one of the weekends in Pune.  The very thought of fresh strawberry cream, sky hugging mountains, chilly weather, picturesque views and serpentine roads was tempting enough to backpack immediately and get on the road. 206 more words


Looking for the Best Hotels in Panchgani

The hill station of Panchgani is 18 km east of the most famous hill city of Mahabaleshwar, beside the side of a river in the Sahyadri ranges of mountains. 463 more words

Top 5 Weekend Traveling Places Near Pune


Easily settled among slopes and valleys in the Sahayadi Mountain Range, this get-away hotspot offers a lovely atmosphere all consistently. Decorated with a splendid normal display, Khandala astonishes its vacationers with its stunning view of grass slopes, glossy valets, pretty lakes and magnificent falls. 818 more words