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Adorable Pancho Pouches

Tiny and lightweight! Made form a pancho, with added colorful beads and thread.


Pancho Drawstring Backpack

SOLD – Made from a repurposed pancho! Vibrant and fringe-y.


Dorchester rapper Fran-P celebrates his heritage

Martín Caballero (Boston Globe) writes about Francisco Peguero, aka Fran-P—whose family hails from the Dominican Republic and whose new album Pancho, is set for release on May 19—and the conundrum of how to categorize his rap. 725 more words


Watch: Pancho The Sea Lion Goes For A Ride On The Back Of A Boat!

Ray was down in Cabo last week and got to meet “Pancho”. He’s a well known sea lion who hitches rides on the locals boats.


(1) The First Post

I am here again. How many times did I utter these words? Let me repeat myself with enormous affection: I am here again and more than ever in love with this painfully beautiful thing called life. 234 more words

Cordoba & Rosario

08.-10. March

We get to Cordoba on Sunday afternoon. It’s extremely hot and we need to walk to the hostel with our heavy backpacks. The streets and squares are almost completely empty (maybe it’s because of the heat?) Only in the park by our hostel there is a huge flea market going on. 250 more words


Cordoba i Rosario

08.-10. Marca

Dojeżdżamy do Cordoby w niedzielę po południu. Żar się leje z nieba, a my maszerujemy do hostelu. Ulice i place są zupełnie puste (choć to może kwestia upału?) Jedynie w parku przy hostelu trwa ogromny targ staroci.  227 more words