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Pancreatic insulinoma - MRI & CT

A 55 year aged patient with recurrent episodes of hypoglycemia, raised serum Insulin and C-peptide levels. Diagnosed as insulinoma of head of pancreas. 56 more words

CT & MRI Insulinoma

#OpenAPS -Week 1 in Review

After one week with #OpenAPS, I can see why everyone that is using it can’t stop talking about it. It requires significantly less attention than traditional diabetes management, but all of the information is available to you all the time.  173 more words

Weekend with #OpenAPS

I started with OpenAPS Thursday night. I gave the system a bit of a workout over the weekend. Let’s take a look first at what I considered a ‘good week’. 301 more words

OpenAPS - Assembly and Start

All of the parts have arrived! The only component not pictured here is the case/hard shell that will hold everything together. BTW, not using a 3d-printed case can also drastically reduce the total cost of this rig. 266 more words

Getting Started with OpenAPS

OpenAPS is the Open Source Artificial Pancreas System. It offers an ‘open source’, DIY artificial pancreas using make-it-yourself electronics to grab information from a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), data input (carbs, exercise, really anything that would affect blood sugar), and makes changes to an older model insulin pump over a radio frequency. 275 more words

Life is What Happens to You While You're Busy Making Other Plans

I’ve been busy these last weeks … planning for my reconstructive surgery, revamping a section of our shop, generally feeling good about my new meds and how they were making me feel. 307 more words