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Gentian root - its bitterness promotes sweeter digestion

Yellow gentian (Gentiana lutea) aka gentian adorns the grassy slopes of Alpine and mountain meadows all across Europe. Its majestic golden flower spike towers above the grasses and marks the spot of the true gift of this plant, the highly prized medicinal root. 93 more words

Plant Profiles

2nd International Conference on Pancreatic Cancer & Liver Diseases

Pulsus invites you to attend 2nd International Conference on Pancreatic Cancer & Liver Diseases (Pancreatic Cancer 2017) to be held in London, UK during June 12-13, 2017. 262 more words

Pancreatic Cancer

The Holy Grail for Cancer Therapy

Remember how sun rays wake up En Sabah Nur after millennia of deep slumber in X: Men Apocalypse? Well, a new immunotherapeutic drug has been discovered that ‘wakes up’ the immune system of metastatic pancreatic cancer patients, after it has effectively gone into hibernation as a result of the tumor. 953 more words



My Thanksgiving plans

Off to Neenah tomorrow… hopefully

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Once More With Feeling

“I was telling people that you were going to die, Willy.”

It wasn’t exactly your normal breakfast talk. A physician fraternity brother offered this up during a trip to the ol’ alma mater earlier this month. 370 more words

Acute Pancreatitis - NEJM Review notes


  • Gallstones (40%)
    • Migrating gallstones -> transient obstruction
    • No convincing data showing that Sphincter of Oddi or Pancreas Divisum play a role in AP
  • ETOH (30%) …
  • 953 more words

Miscellaneous Tidbits

I wrote a blog about losing stuff, and I forgot to mention the one positive. I have NOT lost my sense of humor. Thank God. 829 more words