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Smorgasbord Health 2017 - Top to Toe - The Digestive System - Listen to your Guts!

We are reaching the end of our journey through the labyrinth that is our digestive system.  Today the intestines, but also a couple of glands that are essential to the process itself. 829 more words

It Is A Wonderful Life.

Don't sweat over measuring your blood sugar levels anymore

The non-invasive testing of  blood sugar levels have seen much development and breakthroughs in the past decades thanks to much research aiming to reduce diabetics’ dependence on finger-pricking, which is not only wasteful, but also slightly painful. 112 more words


Annular Pancreas - Symptoms, Treatment, Images, Radiology

Annular pancreas may form completely (surrounding the duodenum entirely) and incompletely (reaching only a part of the circumference)

Being schooled.

Recently, in science class, Luke had the opportunity to dissect a frog. He was pretty excited about it because he’s still tossing around the idea of going into the medical field… 177 more words


74. Type 1 Diabetes and A Ketogenic Diet

Today I share with you an amazing story of Diana, who after months of feeling unwell, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She tried following the standard diabetic guidelines given to her but found they were simply not working for her. 1,293 more words


My Diabetes Miracle

For the last month, I have been doing something without telling you about it, and in fact I had no intention of telling you about it, but now I kind of feel like I have to, in case my story can help someone else. 2,176 more words