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Individually Optimized Contrast-Enhanced 4D-CT for Radiotherapy Simulation in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

2016 ASTRO annual meeting
This poster has been selected for the ARRO poster walk (6 out of 250 physics posters).


EASD 2016: Update on pancreatic transplantation

Professor Ugo Boggi of the University of Pisa has given an update on pancreatic transplantation, arguing that an immediately vascularised pancreaticoduodenal graft is the only therapy that reproducibly induces insulin independence in beta cell deficient diabetic patients. 554 more words

Scientific Sessions

What happens in pancreatic cancer, exactly?

What is it?

Pancreatic cancer is a type of cancer that affects the pancreas. The pancreas is a glandular organ near the stomach. Before nutrients can be absorbed from our food our body has to break them down. 725 more words

Cancer cells want high fat and an attack on the Pancreas

High Fat is what cancer cell wants

One feature that distinguishes tumor cells from normal cells is their dysregulated metabolism. For example, tumor cells undergo glycolytic rather than oxidative metabolism, a change known as the Warburg effect, and they synthesize greater amounts of proteins and fatty acids than do normal cells (see the commentary by Yecies and Manning). 2,205 more words


Juices to Reduce Inflammation of the Liver, Pancreas, and Kidneys

It’s never a bad idea to add these juices to your regular diet to reduce inflammation and detox your organs, improving your overall health.

The best way to reduce inflammation in those organs that are tasked with cleansing and regulating your body’s overall function is to consume fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in water and antioxidants….Readmore


Insulin Deficiency - Disease Flowchart

Insulin is a hormone which regulates blood glucose concentration. Insulin binds to insulin receptors on the surface of cells in insulin-dependent tissues and this triggers an intracellular signalling cascade which leads to altered gene expression. 233 more words

Disease Pathogenesis Flowcharts

Cancer of the Pancreas, the Silent Killer for Many People

When talking about the type of cancer is very terrible, cancer of the pancreas seems to be one of them. This type of cancer is very deadly, but he is known as the silent killer because the symptoms shown are not easily detected start in the early stages of infection by the deployment phase. 128 more words