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Not much to report today. I think as our family approaches the finish line of our time separated we are struggling to hold it together. The kids got new bunk beds delivered today, an event that would normally be cause for celebration but which instead ended with BOTH kids in tears in separate rooms. 336 more words

True story, bro 

Had a hypo today, not blackout type but lost my memory of what happened. It was my own stupid fault, had a really hot shower (plz do not start nagging if you read this mam, I know what went wrong and it won’t happen again). 186 more words


Examining the early lives of two men who died of lung cancer

About 55% of our lifespan is affected by environment and our behavior. Two men I know died of lung cancer, one is my father and another my client – providing non medical in home care. 314 more words


Hope sucks

So an update from the land of cancer. Last week was a pretty good week, all things considered. Pat and Trent met the oncologist and started the process in the public system of working out what life with cancer looks like. 721 more words

The Endocrine System - a system of hormonal balances

The hormone system of your body is called the endocrine system. It is a collection of hormone producing glands and cells in different parts of your body. 1,381 more words

The Body

Pat vs Pancreas.. the battle begins

Bangkok, Thailand

May 5, 2017. It was the first day of a long weekend, my father in law was visiting and we had plans for a weekend filled with food and entertainment. 1,299 more words


May 25 ’17

Lover Love me.
Through my pancreatitis and back.
Lover Love me.
Don’t leave me when I flop.

Love me when I’m sad. 146 more words