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Absentminded Feasts

One of my T1D inspirations is a young lady 22 years my junior. I met her 4 (maybe 5?) years ago when she took my class as a junior in high school. 619 more words


21st May 1936. Sweet as Sugar.

Today in 1936 The Sugar Industry (Reorganisation) Act created British Sugar, 36 % of which was owned by Government. It had 13 factories.(1)

In the days of Empire we acquired our sugar from cane, but with war came shortages and in 1915 the British Sugar Beet Society was formed to obtain government subsidies which helped develop our native sugar production in the 1920s. 430 more words


What is a Carb and Why Does it Matter?

I Googled “What is a carb?”

Google said “Short for carburetor”.

Close. It wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

Carbohydrates, what they are, and how they affect the body are as important to a diabetic as insulin. 935 more words

The Much Needed Bionic Pancreas!

So, it’s official… 

(Apparently) the bionic pancreas is set to be on the market by late 2017 – what fantastic news!

The bionic pancreas will automatically correct the blood sugars of us T1’s without us having to inject or continuously wear an insulin pump. 190 more words


BioBit – Pancreas, digestion and sugar patrol.

Your pancreas is a small organ located behind the stomach, nuzzled up to your small intestine.

It is a very important organ in digestion as it secretes pancreatic juices that are needed for the digestion and absorption of nutrients. 255 more words


Sweet Stem Cells

May 8, 2015

By Medical Discovery News

Diabetes may be common, but it’s serious business. Diabetes is repeatedly in the top 10 causes of death for Americans, killing or contributing to the deaths of 300,000 Americans in 2010. 445 more words