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It was going so well

I have no mental energy to write anything other than a list, so here goes:

  • I’ve had a false insurance claim made against me but have no proof that I’m not to blame.
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Thanks To this new Bioengineering Technique, Brand-New Pancreas Organs are on the horizon for Diabetes Cure

Researchers аt Wake Forest University mау hаvе discovered a wау fоr mоrе people with Type 1 diabetes tо receive a pancreas transplant аѕ a wау tо manage thе disease. 557 more words

Daily Tips

Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee this weekend, I would be so happy since its been so long! I have had a very good week of recouperation since Monday, the day Pablo, my pancreatic drain, was removed. 310 more words


a night in the ER

So, last night.

I was just finishing up a bowl of barbecue when I started having stabbing pains in my upper abdomen. Since I was eating red meat littered with peppers, I was afraid I’d caused a blockage, something I’ve been warned of but had yet to experience. 577 more words

Chronic Illness

A Brand New Day!

I was thinking of several things to write about over the last hour while the house has been blissfully asleep, but none of those subjects seemed to just flow from my mind or fingertips this morning. 268 more words


Weekend Adventures to Distract Myself from Diabetes

This weekend I went out with my husband and a couple of friends for a day of brewery tours. I don’t drink (never have), so I was just the designated driver. 360 more words

A Waking Nightmare (It Wasn’t So Bad)

Just a few days after I brought now eight-year-old home from the hospital with her type 1 diabetes diagnosis, I had a very vivid dream. 478 more words