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Installing Ubuntu 14.04 on PandaBoard


Deployment of ROS Indigo requires all Ubuntu platforms tied to ROS Indigo run Ubuntu 14.04.  The PandaBoard is one of the platforms, so upgrading it from Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04 is a must.    1,400 more words


Running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on PandaBoard

Creating an intelligent social robot requires several embedded processors running intelligent software.  The PandaBoard offers a power Linux-running single-board computer equipped with WiFi, USB and HDMI, all in a small form factor.   204 more words


Buildroot Linux on the Pandaboard Rev. 3

At my work I have to develop software for the Pandaboard. Unfortunately there are a lot of false or incomplete information on how to build/run U-Boot and/or the Linux kernel on the Pandaboard. 953 more words

Tech Foo

GNURadio in Pandaboard

It is a video in which is shown a SDR connected to a Pandaboard usb port. The plataform that is used is GNURadio.


Setting up Ubuntu on an SD Card for the Pandaboard

We followed the instructions given on omappedia (http://www.omappedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Pre-built_Binaries_Guide) to install Ubuntu 12.04 to an SD card using the prebuilt binaries but faced several issues. 157 more words

Linux And Interfacing

Compile for pandaboard

An easier way than cross-compiling is to use mk-sbuild[1]/schroot[2]
For example, pandaboard is an hard-float arm, so you can create a chroot for it with: 134 more words

[Linaro 13.07, Android Jelly Bean (4.2.2), Panda board] android kernel 소스 빌드 하기

커널 소스를 빌드하기 위해서는 커널 소스와 크로스 컴파일러가 필요합니다.

커널 소스는 아래 주소에서  linaro_kernel_build_cmds.sh 를 다운 받아 실행하면 커널 소스를 다운받고 빌드까지 해줍니다.  (이 스크립트를 실행하기 전에 크로스 컴파일러를 먼저 설치해둬야 합니다.) 10 more words