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Buildroot Linux on the Pandaboard Rev. 3

At my work I have to develop software for the Pandaboard. Unfortunately there are a lot of false or incomplete information on how to build/run U-Boot and/or the Linux kernel on the Pandaboard. 953 more words

Tech Foo

GNURadio in Pandaboard

It is a video in which is shown a SDR connected to a Pandaboard usb port. The plataform that is used is GNURadio.


Setting up Ubuntu on an SD Card for the Pandaboard

We followed the instructions given on omappedia (http://www.omappedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Pre-built_Binaries_Guide) to install Ubuntu 12.04 to an SD card using the prebuilt binaries but faced several issues. 157 more words

Linux And Interfacing

Compile for pandaboard

An easier way than cross-compiling is to use mk-sbuild[1]/schroot[2]
For example, pandaboard is an hard-float arm, so you can create a chroot for it with: 134 more words

[Linaro 13.07, Android Jelly Bean (4.2.2), Panda board] android kernel 소스 빌드 하기

커널 소스를 빌드하기 위해서는 커널 소스와 크로스 컴파일러가 필요합니다.

커널 소스는 아래 주소에서  linaro_kernel_build_cmds.sh 를 다운 받아 실행하면 커널 소스를 다운받고 빌드까지 해줍니다.  (이 스크립트를 실행하기 전에 크로스 컴파일러를 먼저 설치해둬야 합니다.) 10 more words


Android on BeagleBoard-xM

I just crossed paths with a BeagleBoard-xM and thought I’d try Android on it. I tried pre-built binary images for Android 4.0.3 from Texas Instruments (TI), and Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean image from project… 306 more words


tar with different owner and group

I needed to tar a folder and set all files and folders to owner/group 0/0. After a few man page perusals and internet searches, this is what worked… 92 more words