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New Fires

Greetings, brothers, sisters and allies. My apologies for the delay of this message, but we have only recently had our tome passed on to us. 532 more words


World Of Warcraft Expansions Revisited: Shadows Of The Pandaclysm

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As the sixth expansion to World of Warcraft looms ever closer, our Gnome Hunter-led tour through the previous five takes us to post-draconic apocalypse Azeroth and an ancient land filled with beautiful sights and ridiculous pandas. 1,053 more words



Keliera shifted in her bedroll. The air was hot and sticky, causing the soft windwool to cling to her. They were on the coast now, far from the protective barriers and harsh winds of the Kun-Lai Peaks to the south. 162 more words


Big Project: Archaeology of Pandaria

My next Big Project came to an end: I have collected the last pristine object, the rarest Mantid banner, and completed all achievements!

Archaeology of Pandaria consists of three big parts. 351 more words

Mists Of Pandaria

Story Time: A Pandaren Break

Part 3

Dawn’s Blossom, The Jade Forest- Pandaria.

Landing in the cobbled streets of the mountain village, the winged guardian Mero carried his mistress to the Drunken Hozen, an inn that was the main hub of accommodation and food in Andais Lu’s favourite village. 599 more words


Thank you, WoW art staff

Over the weekend I spent some time — as I often do at the end of expansions — just flying around, doing some farming, picking up a couple minor achievements here and there, and swooping down now and then to investigate something interesting. 749 more words


Taking a trip home.

A little over a year ago I took Cringer back to the Valley to show him where I originally found him as a cub.  I may or may not have accidentally orphaned him…but that’s…another story. 137 more words