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Story Time: A Pandaren Break

Part 3

Dawn’s Blossom, The Jade Forest- Pandaria.

Landing in the cobbled streets of the mountain village, the winged guardian Mero carried his mistress to the Drunken Hozen, an inn that was the main hub of accommodation and food in Andais Lu’s favourite village. 599 more words


Thank you, WoW art staff

Over the weekend I spent some time — as I often do at the end of expansions — just flying around, doing some farming, picking up a couple minor achievements here and there, and swooping down now and then to investigate something interesting. 749 more words


Taking a trip home.

A little over a year ago I took Cringer back to the Valley to show him where I originally found him as a cub.  I may or may not have accidentally orphaned him…but that’s…another story. 137 more words


Farming in Halfhill

El brought it up a bit ago, but all of our organization has been busy helping fill these orders for the Lunar Festival.  Most of this involves us heading back to Pandaria and Halfhill so we can tend to the small farms we cultivated on Sunsong Ranch. 92 more words

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The Dreaded Mammoth Circle

There are many times when I have seen the dreaded Mammoth Circle, though usually it’s when an adventurer spaces out while standing in one place – and then, so lost in their own thoughts – they have a seat on the floor to ponder the meanings of the universe. 137 more words

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Flying Monkeys

Was doing a bit of work out in the Valley today…I’m…not really sure how to describe what I saw.

-El 13 more words


The MoguMower

I kept hearing rumors down in Halfhill from the locals about something called the Mogu Mower terrorizing the local crane population.  Most people wouldn’t look into this, but I didn’t have anything better to do.   56 more words