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Life Is Just Not Fair...

July 1st

Dear Journal,

I have spent most of my life chasing after a man that lead me on and really didn’t care about me at all and it’s finally hit me that I have wasted the best years of my life chasing a dream that wasn’t shared with the other party.  816 more words

World Of Warcraft

They might be giants

So, I think we can safely say that Earth Online raiding probably isn’t going to be a reliable way to relax and blow off steam. Which is kind of weird, seeing as how you’d THINK it would help you destress to hop online and run around killing things in virtual reality… except that you still wind up having to deal with people who make you want to log off and run around killing things in REALITY reality. 475 more words


The Picnic part one

Find me, Save me, Redeem Me (Also known as the Picnic, part one)

“Sermon took long enough,” she said, but he could tell she was smiling. 1,990 more words

World Of Warcraft

The Lesson of Pandaria

So what did we get or learn from our time on Pandaria?

I mean outside of those lovable, furry Pandaren?  I know some people haven’t taken to them, but they are a great addition, IMHO.   478 more words

World of Warcraft: Nereden Çıktı bu Pandalar?!

Mists of Pandaria yerini Warlords of Draenor’a bıraktıysa da, Pandaren hakkındaki söylentiler sona ermiş değil. Buna pek de şaşmamak gerek çünkü diğer ırklara kıyasla oldukça karmaşık bir geçmişe sahipler. 538 more words


Just Sisters...

January 16th

Dear Journal,

There are times that I think that my sister has totally lost what was left of her mind, not surprising either, however, she does make me wonder seriously about her sometimes.   968 more words

More Adventures To Come

Is It Too Late To Start Over...

January 7th

Dear Journal,

Well, damn it!!  Here I have spent the last year of my life making my way to Pandaria so that I could get back with Dawnglory and he’s gone again!!  739 more words

More Adventures To Come