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Pandas: drop_duplicates().fillna(0) not filling zeroes

I’m trying to drop duplicates from a series and then fill the NaNs with 0. Should be pretty straightforward, but when I chain the two functions together, I still get… 94 more words


How to update a column for list of values in Pandas Dataframe

I have dataframe and I want update a value of a column of a dataframe for specific set of data. How can this be done.I have around 20000 records to be updated. 90 more words


Is there a way to avoid typing the dataframe name, brackets, and quotes when creating a new column in a Python/Pandas dataframe?

Suppose I had a Python/Pandas dataframe called df1 with columns a and b, each with only one record (a = 1 and b = 2). I want to create a third column, c, whose value equals a + b or 3. 356 more words


The unspoken truth of Bonding

I am going to talk about something many mums feel too ashamed to speak about and feel a deep sense of guilt to even think it. 1,424 more words


My Love Affair with Pandas

Gunter and I have been members of The San Diego Zoological Society for decades. At the San Diego zoo, we often stood in hours-long lines to see the offspring of pandas that had been loaned to this zoo for breeding. 626 more words

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Giant pandas in Malaysia have second cub

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

KUALA LUMPUR: A giant panda cub has been born in a Malaysian zoo, the second offspring of a pair of giant pandas on loan from China. 226 more words

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