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A City Mourns and Moves On: Part 3 of "Pandemic in Seattle"

What happened when a second wave of severe influenza came through Seattle on the heels of a war victory? We present the third installment of a 4-part comic strip commemorating the centennial of the 1918 influenza pandemic.  104 more words

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More Deadly Than War - by Kenneth C. Davis (2018)

Why did they not teach us about the Spanish influenza when I was growing up in school? I don’t remember history teachers even mentioning it. The answer is on page 204 in this book: 303 more words

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Top 10 Movie Disease Outbreaks

Is it on the way? Are we due a major pandemic that will threaten and perhaps destroy humanity? Hollywood seems to think so.

There are a multitude of movies that deal with the subject of mass outbreaks of disease. 63 more words

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My All-Time Favorite Games

I have categorized some of my favorite games over time. It is interesting to see how interfaces have advanced with technology, and how the best ones or “classic” ones have continued to survive over time.


Ready, Set, Go!

It is back-to-school season and I feel thrilled and terrified. I am thrilled because I look forward to spending my final year in grad school working on a thesis project of my choice. 424 more words


Seattle Faces a Pandemic: Part 2 of "Pandemic in Seattle"

We present the second installment of a 4-part comic strip commemorating the centennial of the 1918 influenza pandemic. Stay tuned in to the Public Health Insider to see a new chapter each week this month! 100 more words

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The Storm Part 2, Letters from Rachael #10


So last time I told you about taking shelter from a severe storm in a dump truck. On the AM radio, I picked up a broadcast from armed forces radio. 755 more words