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Why We Need a Universal Flu Vaccine

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif.—This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 1918 Spanish Flu, which infected 500 million people and killed more than 50 million. The annual flu “season” to which we’ve acclimated seems benign compared to that incident—and yet it infects millions of people each year and kills thousands. 388 more words


Evergreen Titles - Entering the Board Game Realm

Trying to look for a board game, but not sure what to get next? Are you just now delving deeper than Sorry or Monopoly? Are you a board gamer looking to introduce your non-gamer friends to the glory of it all? 636 more words


Flu- Not Quite Gone Yet (Hang In There)...

It’s getting better, bit by bit. But better is relative. With the huge wave of flu that hit the USA this year, the decrease in numbers leaves us still well above the epidemic thresholds for deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza, and with 9 more children dying this past week. 186 more words

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Retail's Bankruptcy Pandemic May Have Peaked, But It's Not Over Yet

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It is hard to support the “retail apocalypse” narrative when the data says otherwise. Last year, total retail sales, including food services and motor vehicles and parts, grew 4.2%, adding $231.5 billion to the American economy. 535 more words

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Comparative analysis of Pandemic and Flashpoint

Board Games. We’ve all played them at some point in our lives. We’ve also most likely had relationships with family and friends fractured by them (i’m looking at you Monopoly!). 308 more words


A Brilliant Combo

Shaw’s fifth installment in the Graham’s Resolution series, The Bitter Earth: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller masterfully blends the past and the future with a prequel and a sequel of the beloved tale into one novel. 143 more words

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York and the 1918 'Spanish' Influenza Pandemic

One hundred years ago, the ‘Spanish Influenza’ attacked York

Hello, I’m Chloe – from January to March of this year I’ve been on a placement at York Explore, researching the impact the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu had on York. 375 more words

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