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Prequel to a Pandemic

December 31, 2018.

A wreath hung neatly on the door of what looked like a Janitor’s closet in the Metro station. A well-mixed group of twenty-somethings was laughing and hugging, apparently having chosen this exact place as their meeting point before a fun and maybe dramatic night on the town. 88 more words

Pandemic Flu of 1918

One hundred years ago, an epidemic of influenza spread around the world, killing millions of people. Troop movements and crowded quarters for soldiers in World War 1 helped the virus spread far and wide. 303 more words


Addiction is the crisis. In 2002, "The income of drug barons is annual $254,000 million, greater than the American defense budget"

Addiction may strike your closest loved one next, if not already. THE ADDICTION EPIDEMIC HAS CAUSED 72,000 DEATHS FROM OVERDOSE IN 2017. ADDICTION IS THE CRISIS. 616 more words


Barely Winning A Total War-Like Battle | A Vampire (Vampirism) Virus Pandemic?

Dream 1

This dream took place inside a building in a somewhat narrow area with some shelves, some small old-style (swords, spears, shields, cavalry, et cetera) military-like force being led by a man were trying to escape, and some people were watching as I used a larger old-style military force of cavalry and spearmen (maybe with spears and shields, and maybe they were more… 1,240 more words


Bird Box (2018) Directed by Susanne Bier

From the Book of Revelations to the annals of Science Fiction, the end of the world has been imagined in a plethora of predicaments, most often instigated by war, disease, or alien invasion. 371 more words


#2 - Pandemic

At a Glance: Pandemic is the ultimate cooperative experience. A large scale virus-fighting theme with a tight, time-sensitive design.

Pandemic is a cooperative game for 2-4 players designed by Matt Leacock. 750 more words

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