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Things you take for granted

Dear Len,
I have no idea what is going on in the world. From the looks of it, nothing. I wish there was TV, or radio, or internet, or something to tell me whether to stay put or get out. 565 more words


Delve 179 - Matt Leacock!

He’s been on Nathan’s guest wishlist since that was a thing and now the moment arrives. Matt Leacock, designer of Forbidden Island and Pandemic, joins us on the show to talk about the nature of cooperative games. 204 more words


Pandora Report 7.6.2018

We hope you had a lovely holiday this week and are ready to get back into the world of biodefense! News is still unfolding regarding the  1,547 more words

Pandora Report

Solo adventures in a cardboard world

Shelves full of games are staring back at you. “Play me”, they each whisper in their own enticing tone. You shake your head, equal parts shame and regret. 852 more words

Arkham Horror

How to tame your outbreak: 2, the fight against Malaria

In part 1 of How to tame your outbreak I have shared with you the three necessary steps to control an outbreak. These were: gather information, contain the spread and keep it safe. 720 more words


10 Games to Play Instead of Monopoly

More fun, less capitalism.

I could unload a tirade of why I don’t like Monopoly, but I’ll cut straight to the point: it’s dated, and no matter what kind of spin you put on it (yes, even Nintendo or Pokemon Monopoly) the mechanics are repetitive, unfair and it takes too freaking long. 2,605 more words