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Reality Has A Liberal Bias, Part Infinity

Rounding the corner or swirling the drain, Reality Teevee Prznint Stupid’s final campaign lie that the Trump-Virus is behind us —so vote for the Superspreader— seems to be challenged by reality. 369 more words

Lord Damp Nut, The Russian Usurper

Editorial: Was COVID 'cure' worse than the illness?

Oregon Gov. Kay Brown probably knew the economic damage shutting down schools, colleges and businesses such as restaurants, bars and theaters would cause.

Businesses that were shut down are yet to fully reopen. 48 more words


Editorial: Rule by diktat without legislative consent is tyranny

At the risk of coming off as curmudgeonly, we again renew our call that state legislators take regular votes to either affirm or discontinue states of emergency declared to address the COVID-19 pandemic. 61 more words

Oregon Legislature

Domestic violence climbs on the North Coast during pandemic

Domestic violence, a persistent problem on the North Coast, has climbed during the coronavirus pandemic.

The number of people reaching out for help through a crisis line at The Harbor, an Astoria nonprofit that helps victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, has hovered at around 200 calls a month and is on track to reach 250 calls in October. 28 more words


Organic food sales boom during pandemic

The produce section at New Seasons Market in Portland was bustling on a weekday afternoon. Customers were filling carts and handbaskets with organic produce.

Grocers and industry experts say the pandemic has driven record sales and interest in organic food. 12 more words

Capital Press

Editorial: Let public see debate about school reopening

The refrain we hear from parents with children in school is: When will schools reopen?

We have some tentative answers. The metrics used for deciding when schools can reopen may change “any day now.” In fact, there could be an announcement after the deadline for this editorial has passed. 14 more words


COVID-19 surge scarier than ghosts and goblins

As Halloween approaches, coronavirus infections are setting records, in Oregon and across the country. On Oct. 22, Jackson County recorded 36 new cases of COVID-19 — the most in a single day since the beginning of the pandemic. 48 more words