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Excerpt from the 'Diary of the Pandesal Vendor'

Saturday, 3:18 am

The rain is heavy and it’s not just a drizzle.

As the little drops of rain are falling like golden fireflies losing their wings, they all compete to hit the ground gracefully – the others even clash from each other.  396 more words

URMAJESTYSIRE'S FOOD TRIPS: PureFoods Sexy Chix Pasta and Toasted Magnolia Quickmelt Cheesy Pandesal

Cooked Chicken Flakes pasta (used a can of PureFoods Sexy Chix or leftover chicken will do) and toasted this morning’s pandesal with a bit of butter and Magnolia Quickmelt cheese. 28 more words

Breakfast ni Juan: Hot Pandesal

The famous hot pandesal of the Philippines is and will always be my favorite munch for breakfast. I’ve been consuming these oval pieces of dough since I was a child. 204 more words


Pan de Manila

We wuz robbed!!!

Bought some Filipino bread rolls from Pan de Manila today.

But look at what we got!

Pandesal – small (Php4.00/pc)

One was practically half the size of the other!

Definitely a rip-off.

Boo >:(


A New & Cheesy Pinoy Brekky: McDonald's Cheesy Eggdesal

There’s a new addition to McDonald’s breakfast menu, and it couldn’t get any more Pinoy than this! 455 more words


Michael Quirante: Tenacious and Resourceful Branch Manager of McDonalds-Hidalgo (Quiapo)

Michael Quirante: Tenacious and Resourceful

Branch Manager of McDonalds-Hidalgo (Quiapo)

by Apolinario Villalobos

Lately, MacDonalds has been hugging the limelight because of the incidents on food poisoning. 662 more words

Apolinario Villalobos

Apu in City of Dreams Manila

After our stay in Crown Towers Manila, we’ve decided to eat in City of Dreams. At first we attempted to eat in Red Ginger but they only serve merienda in the afternoon. 682 more words