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New Adobo Flavour Pandesal at Kambal Pandesal " Pambansang Ulam Meets Pambansang Pandesal "

Kambal Pandesal Outlet , Katipunan street , San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City-Philippines

I was having a quick stroll around the neighborhood and saw a mini-van with tarpaulin poster of FREE taste ( libre patikim)  with catchy tagline ” … 111 more words

Quezon City

How to Bread Crumbs

Today is “World Bread Day!” and We Pinoys are also celebrating “World Pandesal Day!” today.

Today, instead of making a bread I’m recuperating it to bring it back to life. 293 more words

Nino Almendra

Dignified Pan de Sal

Pan de sal or “salt bread” is a staple Filipino breakfast, paired with a hot  cup of coffee. One piece costs Php 2.00, but size, shape, and taste vary per bakery. 338 more words

Excerpt from the 'Diary of the Pandesal Vendor'

Saturday, 3:18 am

The rain is heavy and it’s not just a drizzle.

As the little drops of rain are falling like golden fireflies losing their wings, they all compete to hit the ground gracefully – the others even clash from each other.  396 more words

URMAJESTYSIRE'S FOOD TRIPS: PureFoods Sexy Chix Pasta and Toasted Magnolia Quickmelt Cheesy Pandesal

Cooked Chicken Flakes pasta (used a can of PureFoods Sexy Chix or leftover chicken will do) and toasted this morning’s pandesal with a bit of butter and Magnolia Quickmelt cheese. 28 more words

Breakfast ni Juan: Hot Pandesal

The famous hot pandesal of the Philippines is and will always be my favorite munch for breakfast. I’ve been consuming these oval pieces of dough since I was a child. 204 more words


Pan de Manila

We wuz robbed!!!

Bought some Filipino bread rolls from Pan de Manila today.

But look at what we got!

Pandesal – small (Php4.00/pc)

One was practically half the size of the other!

Definitely a rip-off.

Boo >:(