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Pandiwa Worksheets (Part 5)

The three pdf worksheets below ask the student to identify the Filipino verb (pandiwa) being described. The student is asked to choose from a list of Filipino verbs. 46 more words

Filipino Worksheets

Panlaping Makadiwa Worksheets

The four worksheets below are about Filipino affixes (panlapi) that are used to make verbs with different grammatical tenses (aspekto ng pandiwa… 191 more words

Filipino Worksheets

Pandiwa Worksheets (Part 4)

The five pdf worksheets below are about identifying Filipino verbs (mga pandiwa) and their tenses. These worksheets are appropriate for first and second grade students. 188 more words

Filipino Worksheets

Kinserko 15th Anniv of Circus

Featured bands:
R.A.M.P.’s very own home talent, their songs, “Nasan ka ba?” and “Hulyo” are some of their songs that’s enjoying good reviews from critics. 259 more words


Preschool Worksheets with Filipino Instructions (Part 2)

The worksheets below are appropriate for preschool or first grade students studying Filipino. All illustrations are by samutsamot_mom unless otherwise indicated in the post. If clipart images are used, they are royalty-free or public domain. 266 more words

Preschool Worksheets

Pandiwa Worksheets (Part 2)

This is the second set of worksheets on Filipino verbs (pandiwa). Feel free to print and reproduce them for your children or students, but please do not do so for profit. 170 more words

Filipino Worksheets