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The anime Pandora Hearts was in a few words, fantastically heart wrenching. The main character, Oz Bezarius, stole my heart within the first episode.

Each episode starts off with such happy tones, but by the time the episode ends I want to curl into a ball and cry. 93 more words


Pandora Hearts Series Review


Oz has just turned 15 and at a coming of age ceremony is attacked and cast into the Abyss where he meets and makes a contract with a chain named Alice. 1,105 more words

Review: Pandora Hearts

Anime: Pandora Hearts

Studio: Xebec

Episodes: 25

Original Run: Apr 3, 2009 to Sep 25, 2009

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Mystery 1,002 more words


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I was going to draw something for halloween but this happened instead.


Pandora Hearts | Anime Review

Pandora Hearts is an anime which features in the shounen genre. I decided to watch it as a few of my friends recommended it for me and as a result, I have decided to tell you my thoughts about what this anime has to offer. 544 more words