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Magnificent Manga

Ah, yes, I can already hear all of you sighing, your thoughts filled with disappointed phrases at how much of a weaboo I am. But all joking aside, I think we can all enjoy some manga from time to time. 227 more words


[Lảm nhảm] Pandora Hearts

Trước tiên tui vốn là người yêu cái đẹp, là con người luôn hướng tới chân thiện mỹ và một trái tim dễ vỡ vì các anh giai nên khi vô tình thấy truyện này tui đã lao vào ngay, lại còn đúng phong cách Victoria ( 679 more words


Review: Pandora Hearts

Convoluted story plots? Lots of crying? Well, that sounds like a regular trip down anime lane. This time around we’re talking about Pandora Hearts by… 1,129 more words


Blue-Haired Robot Girls

In the Shinichi Hoshi short story Bokko-Chan (which, for those interested, can be found in The Best Japanese Science Fiction Stories), a “bar-master” constructs an emotionless robot girl, who soon becomes the object of many of his patrons’ affections. 904 more words