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The most important moment at the Grammys did not involve Kanye West

The Grammy awards last night were for the most part underwhelming, except for a brief interruption from the hip hop star once famously described by US President Barack Obama as a “jackass.” 429 more words

Is "lossless" sound the next big thing in music—or just another marketing stunt?

When Neil Young speaks (or sings), people tend to listen.

So when the legendary folk singer outlined his vision for the future of digital music recently, plenty of ears perked up.  848 more words

The vinyl revival is not about sound. It's about identity

If you’ve been paying attention to the music business over the past year, you will be well aware of a few, hugely significant trends sweeping through that industry. 459 more words

Pandora just launched a Chartbeat for music

The race to redefine the meaning of a “hit” song just got interesting.

Today, the internet radio company Pandora Media is turning on AMP, an artist marketing platform, which will give musicians, their managers and labels access to a trove of information about how music is being played on the service. 311 more words

Pandora Media's growing pains are starting to hurt

Pandora Media has had a tremendous amount of success in recent years.

The internet-radio service has amassed the biggest user base in streaming music (76 million active ones at… 291 more words

Spotify is actually making money somewhere

Making money in the streaming music business is no cake walk.

The market is extremely crowded; users are split among myriad services, and licensing costs are high… 242 more words

Spotify's mesmerizing new map shows that music can be social again

Spotify turned on a cool new feature this morning called Serendipity, an interactive map that highlights places on the planet where two people begin a song at the same time (or within a tenth of a second of each other). 452 more words